I Can't Play Anarchy Online!

I cannot log onto AO (since Oct. 2019). I even took drastic measures to reformat my PC (once with Win7 then again with Win10) and a fresh install of AO but I still cannot log into the game. All drivers are updated and current and cannot be the problem.
I am completely stumped and cannot figure it out. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I am wide open to any input that can be given.
When I try to log in I can get to the character selection screen ok but when I hit PLAY the game crashes. It does not matter if I have my saved Prefs folder in my AO directory or not and it does not matter what account I try to log into. The result is always the same. Last night I reformatted (again) and I’m back to Win7 Ultimate with all updates and all drivers are updated.
Trying to play through Steam doesn’t even help.

3.1ghz AMD triple core CPU
8GB dual channel RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 w/ 1gb RAM
64-bit Win7 Ultimate
Plenty of space on a 10,000 rpm Western Digital Raptor drive

did you get any erro mesagge ?

wich DX Version use you ?

No error msg. I’m using DX9.

Have you tryed this on?

I still can’t play. Does ANYONE have a viable solution to my problem?

Have you tried using a different HDD/SSD? Just a thought. :slight_smile:

You can try installing this directx version…


Btw. i have never heard of a triple Core CPU. What exact model is that?

Probably a Phenom II X3 710 or 720. I had that one too :slight_smile:

Ah right i remember the x4 with a bad core crippled down to 3.
That could propably be a reason for the problem too.
Would be the next thing i would think about if the directx update is not helping.

Why would you think that? Unless the PC crashes under any sort of load (but that could then mean number of things) I don’t think that’s the reason. If anything faulty RAM, HDD or PWS are probably the most likely causes of instabilities.

@Therrito: Have you played AO on this very setup before? Have you changed any of the components lately?

Just out of curiosity, what type of internet connection are you using?

I have the exact same issue, and I’ve determined it’s down to having wireless internet from my ISP (as DSL/Cable aren’t available at my address, and I refuse to use satellite). Essentially, my computer believes I’m behind multiple routers (which, I suppose I am, technically), so port forwarding and the like is utterly useless. This also causes my XB1 to see a ‘Double NAT’ connection, for what that’s worth.

The only way I’ve found to successfully log in and play is to use a VPN. The one I use is Windscribe, as the free version provides more than enough data traffic each month (10 GB) to play AO.

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I just reinstalled AO this evening and ran into this issue. I would select a character, it would start loading and then crash. I have 4G internet and also used Windscribe VPN to fix this problem.

I had to install DgVoodoo wrapper to get the client to launch so I could even log in