TinkerPocket - Symbiants and Pocketbosses

Hi everyone!

I’ve put together a little tool to look up information on Symbiants and the Pocket Bosses (and other bosses) that drop them, including pattern drop locations. Please enjoy: TinkerPocket

If this looks strikingly like the information made available by the excellent folks at http://aopocket.tngk.com, it should. Unfortunately, that site has been down for a little over a week, and while I’m very much hoping it’s restored soon, I’ve thrown together TinkerPocket to keep that information (taken from an archive.org copy of the site) freely available in the mean time. Once the original AOPocket comes back online, please continue to use it - it’s been an amazing resource for many years, and I hope it comes back for many more.

If you spot bugs, inaccuracies, or missing features in TinkerPocket, please let me know here or on the AO Discord @TinkeringIdiot.


Great site, really useful, thanks!

Thank you!