Bothsharp's DB issues

Seems the CIDB domain went to SSL recently, and since then some browsers and most bots are unable to use it for the !items command ingame.

Judging from the use graph, it was done today, as previous days had like 400 calls each, and today it suddently went far under 100 …

… and i also noticed the aodev site is down too :frowning:

Do we have any input (& fix) on this ?
@Demoder :wink:

PS : this seems to be caused by the SSL version that isn’t supported in both socket nor curl connection modes of the bot ; i’ve tried to edit these with certificate file included when possible, but the best i had so far is : “Unknown SSL protocol error in connection” ; might have to test different modes available in PHP …

Hi! Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll look into this after work today.

Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about the aodevs website. You’ll have to contact vhab/vhaxx about that.

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Interestingly, the Anarchy Arcanum mirror on aodevs is still available (I mostly use that part of the site :blush:):

It should be fixed now, in the sense that it doesn’t force https any more.
I wonder what TLS version and cipher suites the bots out there support tho.

Hello to you two, thanx for the inputs :slight_smile:

Demoder : yes i can confirm the CIDB access now works again ingame with the !items command, that rocks ! For the protocol versions used, i guess it depends what bot people use, but many are old ones with old PHP and so forth prolly TLS v0.9 or 1.0 max ; only the most recent Budas (v4 and beyond i guess) should support more recent protocols, hence i couldn’t even workout a fix (otherwise i’d have it posted around).

Saavicks : nice that arcanum’s still up, unfortunately many of the aodevs ressources, e.g. the forums, are now missing … prolly a few static pages might be found on web archives, i didn’t check.

i’m the host of the arcanum mirror, along with a few others that had went down at one point or another ( list is at ). as for the forums, i believe vhab had taken them down cause they went effectively dead for a very long time… no one posting anymore and such.

and i’m not aware of anything outside of the forums that was the main thing with aodevs. was there something specific you are looking for?

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@Shaogens you’re the best :heart: I didn’t even know faunlore was mirrored too :blush:

As Saavicks said, thanx & grats for mirroring these uniques ressources !

About Aodevs, think they hosted stuff like AODB software, iirc, and also few others (inventory managers, client skins, various clicking & statistical tools). Some were quite certainly outdated, but updatable sources hosted there are now sadly gone unless some people saved them elsewhere (Git, e.g.) like you fortunately did with these sites !

I’m afraid would end up like this soon or late, got too many of my perk & gear setups saved in it :confused: contacted him to help maintaining but no reply so far …

No problems. and i believe it was mmir that was able to actually pull a copy of faunlore for me to mirror.

if you recall any of the program and skin names, i can see if i have them in my own archives to post. though skins, i most likely dont.

as for auno, this is stuff i’ve been working on in my spare time at home (when i have the time). though this time is primarily trying to get a working db ripper up and running. i reenabled my itemdb site not long ago, accessible via however its an incredibly old testlive version, and the site itself was still very much in development, so theres a lot of quirks and incomplete things about it. getting a gear builder has been on the todo list for it.

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Been checking since and there’s some static shots of Aodevs in’s WB machine ; there you can check what they hosted in their 3rd party tool section.

About Auno, yes it’s quite hard to have a working DB extractor as the format changed recently ; but also, the big task of mirroring such site is to have all nice interfaces (gear/perk planner, item advanced search, etc) fully working ; too bad owner wasn’t reachable.

I made a scrape of all comments to items on auno some time ago , and put into sql, had the plan to let our bots show the comments.

I could work it for bebot, and Tyrence for buda (and/or for the new bot project).

You also might offer these comments to Demoder, may be could mirror these …

Hello @Demoder

Seems the site is down since today approx.
Hope this can be fixed, shout if i can be of any help in this :wink: