StrangeUI with AoC

Anyone using StrangeUI currently with no problems? Any issues with the UI? I believe it comes with SweetFX, anyone having issues with that? Just noticed 2018 seems to be the latest version of StrangeUI I could find, so thought I’d ask to see if anyone was using and if there was any issues. Thank you to any comments, much appreciated. More info. the better!

The most updated version can be found here :
Unless someone has made a more recent version.


note : the included sweet fx may be very outdated now. I just updated the UI itself, i didn’t touch any included addon.

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Cappa, are you currently using the current version you linked with the Sweetfx? If not, how do you disable the Sweetfx? Thanks for your help.

How can I patch my UI on an old install? getting the xml errors on the login screen

Use AOC UI Installer to patch the UI files. You can find a copy up in Cappa’s Google Drive link.

I’m not using strangeui, I just fixed some of its errors that happened after the last release for my friends.
I don’t use sweetfx either.