Nametags hard do read

Hello, I recently got a monitor with a native resolution of 2560x1080 and before i was in AOC with a res. of 1680x1050.
Now i am having an issue with the nametags, they are very hard to read.
Is there a solution for this issue? Can i change nametags font, size or something else to make them better?
Ty for the help

Unfortunately, Funcom does not support resolutions greater than 1920x1080p. For this reason, text scaling is not optimized for resolutions like 2560x1080. We do apologize for any trouble this causes you.

I’m aware that some players use a custom UI for this reason. Funcom allows the use of such 3rd party programs, but we cannot provide any support for other issues that may come up while using them.

I use Strange UI, but there’s no option for the nametags, wich one changes nametags?

There’s nothing you can do about it. Custom UI’s just change the UI. Names, details and levels over players and NPC’s is what tanks the framerate the most along with particles. If there were options to change it for better visibility or fps I’d rather make it stop ruining my framerate.

How about turning those fonts more bold, if not the option to turn them bigger? I think they’re all the same font (chat, help, UI, quests, nametags, etc.), except the one from the damage numbers, which doesn’t need changing.

It was my understanding that the font helped some players read the names better. I’m only going off of what I’ve heard from other players. I have no experience with any custom UIs for Age of Conan. Thank you for the correction.

I have the same issue with my ultra wide scree . I was playing a bit with the custom UI and was able to make some changes in the scaling of the name and guild tags, but couldn’t find the correct file to make it larger and better readable… if someone finds it I would like to hear so too.