AO and 3000x2000 Resolution

Hey guys

Does anyone know how to make the UI bigger and scale up with a higher resolution? Had run in fullscreen and a smaller resolution but would like to run it like i used to in borderless window mode

Change the HighDPI settings for anarchy.exe and anarchyonline.exe as in the picture.
AO will scale with your desktop zoom setting in the future.
For me with 150% zoom it shows AO in 1440p even so i play in 4k.

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Awesome thanks alot :smiley:

Like relo said, dpi is a decent solution here. A 4k desktop resolution with 200% dpi will run a 1080p windowed program (using system dpi) at full size since 1920x1080 at 200% is exactly 3840x2160.

Its funny since this is usually the exact opposite of what you want to do. Normally if a game isn’t dpi aware you want to manually set it to application dpi so the fullscreen resolution you set it to is exactly what is displayed. But that kind of goes out the window when you need to run a game in borderless fullscreen at a different resolution as than your desktop (without annoyingly changing your desktop resolution every time you want to play). Its a shame they never fixed the full screen bug with the new engine that squashes everything horizontally.

You should be able to get the same effect with 150% dpi on a 1440p screen and borderless windowed games at 1080p using system dpi, but I haven’t tested it.