Ui size problem

I would like to use AO on a second computer (for travel) but UI do not match.

Configuration :

  • First PC : Laptop 17 inch with a second screen 24 inch (everything work perfectly i can switch AO on any screens no problem)
  • Second PC : smaller Laptop 15 inch
    Same resolution 1920 /1080 for both computer.

So i copy pasted my “Pref” folder from the 1st PC to the 2 PC.
Everything work But when i loged in the UI do not match at all on the 2ndPC.
The UI seems huge and cover half of the screen.

Setup in Setting are the same “everything” is checked.
Can’t upload pictures as a new member sorry.

Any way to rescale the UI somewhere ?
Ty help ^^

Hey hey :blush:

The 15 inch screen probably has DPI scaling enabled. If you disable it for AO, it’ll look as on your 17 inch screen. See here for how to disable it.

o m g

It worked !
You have no idea the benefit felt in my body when i saw that it really worked \o/

Thank you Very much Saavick :slight_smile:
Tkanks too for all the things you’v done for our lovely Game
AO for the win !

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Yay I’m glad it helped :smile:

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