Any ideas on upping the old client resolution

Hey there.
Does anyone have any idea or fix to increase the resolution on the old client? As soon as i select 2560x1080 it doesn’t start the game. I don’t wanna use the new client since it crashes non-stop.

You can run it in a window and set a custom resolution. The max it will do is 2048x1536, so 2048x1080 is a a small improvement over 1920x1080 at least.

The max I could ever get the old client to run at was 2048x1440 on a 2560x1440 monitor; its max possible is 2048x2048 if you actually multiply that you get 4,194,304 that’s the maximum amount of pixels it will allow, so you can check various resolutions by multiplying them and making sure they don’t exceed that amount. Or use the new engine and run it at your monitor’s native resolution, someone in Storm got it to run on a three way 4k monitor setup, it worked fine, but without gui scaling is was very hard to read anything on the gui.

Seems like old AO client stores the resolution values in a variable with 12bits. (sounds weird but i’m no programmer…)
Would think that it be relatively easy to increase that. shrug

Woah now. We just got some bug fixes in a patch, let’s not get too greedy and assume they’re giving us more patches!