Suggestion - A great little upgrade on Old Engine: Resolution options [SOLVED WITH AOIA+]

EDIT: AOIA+ Can make the old engine run at higher resolutions, there’s an option you can tick on. Thankfully fans do more than Funcom itself.


Few weeks ago I discovered the old engine won’t run at 1440p / 4k / wtvr.

Although the majority of players sill use 1080p, the reality is that many of us already have higher resolution monitors.

That leaves us with only two options: to play on the new engine, or play the game on a absolutely unnaceptable resolution scale.

I wonder how hard its to upgrade the old engine to work at higher resolutions, many old games updated that.

Unfortunely the new engine is far from perfect, personally I would love to play on the stable, less resource consuming old one. I followed Caloss2 guide to make the new engine more stable, but still, I crash from time to time while using Womps, or zoning into new regions. ( guide here btw)

So my question is: are there any plans to bump the resolution options on the old engine? Are there any plans to bump the stability on the new engine? This situation is little by little ruining my gaming experience. Can’t even imagine to new players that are trying out the game.


I can promise you that the answer to your question is no.

you really cannot expect miracles within new engine. given the short amount of time it has been under development.


Damn… you totally broke my sarcasm-o-meter. It’s been under development for how long… 12 years?

However i would love to either be able to run the old client with higher resolution, OR, more preferably see the new client fixed to a more stable state.

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Tbh I would just be totally happy with the old one on higher resolution.

If the old engine is using dx6 or 7 as I understand it then the max resolution is 2048x1536 or less if 6. The new is using a later and simply swapping the dx for the old engine is not as simple as it might sound. And there are possibly some players that are still on over a decade old hardware.

The old engine IS based on dx7/8. max resolution is 2048 x 2048 it was designed when most monitors ran at 4:3 aspect ratio.
I don’t think there’s any possibility of it being upgraded to run at larger resolutions other than the beta version being developed.

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Thats right, at least under Windows OS.
Funny thing is that the old client runs quite nice under Wine (Linux) in UltraHD :sunglasses:

no, there are more useful things they could use their coding ressources on.

Somewhat unrelated, but does anyone have a guide or anything on how to optimize the old engine on integrated AMD GPUs?

I have a lightweight work laptop I travel with, which can semi decently run games like ME3 and even WoW on low settings, but can barely squeeze 15 fps out of AO in 6 man SL mishes or AI raids.

I’m at a total loss with what the heck to do with the thing.

EDIT: AOIA+ Can make the old engine run at higher resolutions, there’s an option you can tick on. Thankfully fans do more than Funcom itself.

How’d that work out for you? LOL