Beta Client Textures stuck on low quality


Is there any sort of bug fixing still going on for the beta client?

The Texture resolution settings simply don’t work.
It always runs in low resolution mode, wich makes the improved engine utterly pointless.
I also noticed three oddities in this regard.

1. The old client has 3 lines in the prefs.xml regarding texture settings:

  • <Value name="DisplayCompressedTextures" value="false" />
  • <Value name="DisplayOtherTextureQuality" value="3" />
  • <Value name="DisplayTextureResolution" value="2" />
  • The new client makes no entry in the pref.xml related to texture resolution at all.
    In fact i searched all the config files in the user folder and there is no texture setting stored anywhere

    EDIT: Found the Variable, see replies.

2. When i switch texture resolution settings in the launcher, the dropdown list for Anisotropic Filtering greys out.

  • This is curious because Anisotropic Filtering shouldn’t have anything to do with the resolution of the textures. It hints at there being a bug in the launcher.

3. When i click through the texture resolutions ingame, i see the sky flicker for a frame or two.

  • It seems to register my click. But it always shows the same, mushy, low res textures.

Some aditional Information:

Steps i took:

  • Complete reinstall with fresh download of (beta) AO client from my account page
  • Completely deleted funcom folder in user directories multiple times during testing
  • Deleted profile in nvidia driver, tried without, then recreated a default one
  • Tried adding the old resolution lines to beta client prefs.xml and set it to write protected

None of this made a difference.

EDIT2: Screenshots of the issue

This is the Old Client:

These are 3 shots from the Beta client on low/medium/high respectively


If any mod reads this please move to bug reports.
It was late … :sweat_smile:


Sometimes I’ll get mushy textures in the new engine, and you’re right, the ingame settings don’t seem to do anything. Typically to fix it, I have to log out, open the launcher’s settings, then I set FXAA, Texture Resolution, and Texture Filtering to Off/Low/Bi-Linear. I log into the game like that, then ingame I set them all to high again and it seems to fix it.


Tried that and it doesn’t seem to work for me…

I made another observation though.
When i switch ingame Texture Res, the sky doesn’t just flicker, it actually changes. I can clearly see the difference between low, medium and high res. But the sky is the only thing that changes. Everything else is stuck on low still… :confused:


I found another piece to the puzzle.

The name of the variable for texture resolution is actually in the prefs.xml.
It’s called “DisplayStripMIPs”
And here it gets weird. It’s numbering is reversed.

If you go to \Anarchy Online\cd_image\gui\Default\OptionPanel and open the root.xml you can find these lines:

    <OptionRadioButtonGroup label="#TextureResolut" layout_borders="Rect(10,0,0,0)" opt_category="Main" opt_type="variant" opt_variable="DisplayStripMIPs">
      <RadioButton label="#Low" value="2"/>
      <RadioButton label="#Medium" value="1"/>
      <RadioButton label="#Full" value="0"/>

The highest value (2) is actually used for low res textures.
No other of the options uses this reversed numbering.

I’m starting to think somewhere between reading the config files and actually pulling the texture out of the DB this reverse numbering causes a problem (adds or subtracts to the variable wouldn’t work the same way for instance) and the game defaults back to low textures.


I’ve had similar issues with the Beta Client. I’ve also had issues with switching out of game and then back. I Alt+tab to go to Windows, look something up and either Alt+tab back or click the icon to bring the game up (still running). I get a moment of seeing the game with my character etc., then the screen goes black. I still hear audio and I think I’m still moving my character around but the screen is black and my PC is locked up. I have to reset the PC and login again. My character has moved so that is why I think the controls are still working. Any thoughts? It worked fine a few days ago. Possibly the video settings.


If you’re using the new engine, play in fullscreen windowed mode to avoid crashing like that. Also you don’t need to reset your pc if you do get a persistent black screen, just use the log off feature, and log back in.


Ensure the dx9 dlls are installed (they are missing by default in win 8 -10) Link

Then follow this video.


Thanks Caloss but i had already tried both of those things.
My System32 folder already contained all d3dx9_XX files. I copied a few from a fresh runtime download to test but it didn’t change anything.

To further illustrate the problem i made some screenshots.
I will add them to the main post.

This is the Old Client:

These are 3 shots from the Beta client on low/medium/high respectively

Needless to say the Old Client looks the best right now.
I hadn’t even noticed the FoV is bugged too untill now.
(I think it changes back to normal on ALT-Tab)


Yeah I can see it, only one other person I know of had this issue; and the fix we found isn’t one I’d recommend but.

Copy the contents of you old engine installation and back it up somewhere.
Next copy the entire contents of your new engine installation and paste it over the old installation let it overwrite every time.
And try again.

Like I said, I don’t like this method but it did fix the issue for the person in question.

If it doesn’t you do still have the ability to revert with your old install backed up.


Ok i just tried that too.
No change. sigh


Shame, I don’t like that method because you can’t be sure what was actually changed but it did work in the instance I mentioned.

Other than double checking that the launcher is seeing your graphics card specifically covered in this video


Im having the same damn issue!
When I login for the first time everything looks good. Then I move then in a little bit it all goes to hell. It gets so bad I cant even read the text on the shop terms


Well, not sure what todays patch did yet (no patch notes…) but textures are still broken. :frowning:


Has anyone come up with a workaround for this? Built a new PC and downloaded the new engine client and my textures are all stuck in low res. It’s playable but makes the game look worse than it ever has. Tried all the suggestions in this thread but no luck.