Texture Resolutions and 'Stuck' Low LOD/Resolution

Game mode: Single-Player
Type of issue: Graphical: Textures

I seem to be running into a strange texture loading issue. Certain textures appear to not be fully loading into the game and are stuck using the lowest quality possible no matter the graphic settings. Hopefully this screenshot works, but as shown in the linked image both the rug and mug textures are the lowest quality compared to the stools, bar, and everything else within the screenshot. This issue is not always immediate upon game launch, and the timing varies between it being immediate to an hour into a session.

—insert screenshot here once I can actually post them—

I’ve attempted a variety of things in an attempt to diagnose if the issue is some setting or my hardware. Tested with each graphical preset on a fresh run of the game still results in some textures appearing like this. Tested 3 different GPU driver sets, both current and two different rollbacks, each resulting in the same texture issue. Verified file integrity via Steam to ensure I didn’t have corrupt files, which came back fine. The only attempted fix I have not tried as of yet is to move the game install and run it off a separate disk but seeing as it’s running off the same SSD as my OS is and I’ve had no other symptoms of a drive fail I suspect that isn’t the cause. My FPS is rock solid 60 (capped) even while in ultra and doesn’t change at all no matter the preset I tested with and the textures are the only graphical issue happening.

My only guess was textures/quality are some how affected by internet connection speed even while in single player. I’ve got awful internet where I currently live (hence the SP) and the connection is often spotty and maxes out at 4-5 mbps. I have no evidence of this other than SP oddly still requires an internet connection to run. I’m genuinely stumped if that’s not the issue and would appreciate any help, suggestions, or any other solutions to test. If there’s any other pertinent information I can provides, do ask. Thanks.

PC Specifications
Windows 10
GPU: Nvidia 1060 6gb
CPU: Intel I7-8700
Ram: 16gb

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Load into Single player
2.Textures Fail to Load Immediately or upon area redraw

Hello @SwdVengeance, welcome to the forums!

We’re not aware of any issue that causes this sort of behavior so, assuming it’s not hardware related, would it be possible for you to disable any and all software running in the background, such as Antivirus, GPU specific software ( Geforce Experience in this case ) and optimization utilities / game boosters, then try to run the game with its default graphical settings?

Does this also occur during Online play or in other games that have similar system requirements?

For additional data, are you able to monitor your system’s temperatures while playing?

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