Why (some) textures are blurry/lowres even with high end pc?

I have brand new Ryzen 3900 based PC w/ 32 Gig of Memory and a 11 Gig nvidia 2080 TI card.
this should be plenty of space for highres textures - nonetheless some textures (like skin tatoos)
are very blurry and look like the game loaded a very lowres texture, whilst he should have loaded
a much higher resolution!
Other textures - like armor and wepons - are of much better quality with rich details…
this already was the case (some times) on my old PC, but on the new one I am getting this all the time.
I have the impression this is getting worse with every new Windows update :frowning:
Anyone else experiencing this, anyone with tipps/tricks how to solve this?


The textures are blurry since around 2010 you could not afford to have high res textures for all assests, and a high texture pack which I also suggested in the past has never been released by FC. The fact that you have a high end rig does not alter the game by itself …
Face and body Tattoos are sometimes bugged and load way lower than normal, you need to zone to bring em back to full res.

You should take a screenshot or two. Some textures are very low quality to start with and have never looked very good but there are definitely bugs that can happen and make things look worse than they should.

Are you playing with dx10? For a few generations of nvidia cards I’ve found dx9 unplayable and hopelessly broken with graphical glitches (including texture issues) and wonky alt tab behaviour.

Like the others said before, it’s the game textures not your pc.

I think I found the issue!

somehow in the settings, the “System memory texture cache size” was set to ‘0’ :frowning:

  • now I maxed this out and the textures are back to what they should be!

hope that helps others…


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