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Character texture disappears goes blurry on official servers single player off-line online it doesn’t matter the character textured disappears

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Hello @Stitch, thank you for getting in touch!

Has this issue occurred after updating the game?

Have you tried reinstalling?

Is the issue always present or does it occur at any specific time?
Does it affect every character or just the player model?

It happens all the time on all characters npc’s, thralls, players. Now with further research I have noticed that when it happens it’s also effecting the land scape as well. With further research I have seen video clips on the Xbox one Conan Exiles club of it happening to other players so there for I know it’s effecting other players as well this really hinders my game play experience and almost kills my drive to play and I’ve logged over 100 days worth of gaming hours I can share with you my gamer tag to be able to login to my account and see for your self if that can help you rectify this issue

Same issue here. I notice a ton of things such as thatch roofs and rugs are blurry to the point of being unrecognizable

Thank you for sharing additional details!

Just to further clarify, has a texture ever reverted from high to low resolution during normal gameplay, or does it only occur as they are loaded, eventually being swapped for the high resolution version?

On a side note, it’s expected that some textures may take a while to load their highest level on detail, which can be mitigated by having a SSD and the X version of the console. It might still happen in areas that have alot of detail, however.

We do hope to further improve the performance for the console version in future updates, which will likely help with this issue as well.

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That’s the issue it is happening during normal game play. It is understandable for loading delays while they game is optimizing all of the details into the game while loading in. Unfortunately that is not the case here character textures tend to disappear during normal gameplay and stay gone leaving blurry humanoids and certain landscape textures go blurry some load in eventually some don’t but consistently the game character texture stays blurry. With further investigation I do believe that this is a bug that is consistent and associated directly with large bases. I’ve been working this bug for months and I have waited until the proper time to address it I have just been waiting for a response from one of you guys from Funcom to respond to me. I have investigated the situation as far as I can I would like to share my notes and details

We appreciate your efforts in sharing further information with us, the issue has been registered for the developers to look into so any notes you can share feel free to do so as a follow up in this post!

On a final note, which XBox model are you using?
Do you have the game installed to a HDD or SSD?

I have this problem with my single player game (no probs online but I don’t play online very much). I’m on a 1st Gen Xbox One with the game installed on the internal HD. I have noticed that the upper torso texture on my character disappears every time I play (not a question of if but when) and I have the other blurry texture issues mentioned above. This texture problem affects NPC characters as well. You can see when it happens while wearing Stygian Soldier Tasset as the intricate line pattern on the butt gets blurry. When that happens, I know that the textures are messed up. (This happens when wearing all armors; it is just easier to see when it happens while wearing the Stygian Soldier Tasset).

Usually, these texture issues happen after one hour of playing unless I do the following which makes it happen immediately:
-Go into a large capital city like Sepermeru, New Asgarth, Mounds of the Dead, etc.
-Teleport using admin teleport or the obelisks
-Running to different biomes in a short amount of time (usually the map has to load large chunks of
background terrain (mountains, ruins, etc) in if I move too fast)
-Spawn items with the admin controls
-Fighting and getting really bloody too many times (not sure on this one; it seems like after a certain
number of times loading the bloody texture it just stops loading textures on the torso. I am not sure if
this is part of the problem or if something else like playing for over an hour or being too close to a NPC
camp/capital is causing it).

If I stay near my starting point, don’t run around the map (I usually jog at full speed but I don’t sprint) and don’t do the above texture killing activities, then I can get a bit over one hour of gameplay before the texture issues spring up.

Let me know if you need more info and I hope this helps in finding and squashing this bug.

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