Various Problems

Game mode: [Offline| Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc| Bug]
Region: [Europe]

I’m playing Conan Exiles on the Xbox One since a few months now and would be fun, if there wouldn’t be these graphic problems. Water looks kind of pixelish, especially when something gets reflected in it. Textures or even whole things like trees, rocks, tents and more pop up too late. I need to look in it’s direction and wait a few seconds before the texures/things load. For example the texture of roads are just loading very close to my character. That also goes for most other textures. The textures overall could be more crisp aswell. And also, NPC aren’t moving their mouths when they are talking. Their textures or the textures of armors also load too late sometimes. Even the intro looks a little pixelish. Besides that, i never saw any other weather than sunny or sandstorms, the journey map sends me up to the first steps when i scrolled down and i have a hard time placing walls wherr walls were before. They won’t snap or anything. Did you guys plan on fixing this? I thought the full release will do so, but it didn’t sadly. I didn’t see any changes before and after the full release update besides the new biomes. These things sadly make me lose interest in playing the game very quicky. But i see potential in this game after all.