Solution for HD client low texture bug

Hi all

I found a fix / solution for the low texture bug when u use the HD client.

Here is what it looks like with the bug

here u go without

to fix this bug follow my guide:

  1. use the windows search and type in ‘game mode’
  2. click on the search result ‘turn on game mode’

  1. set game mode to 'off ’
  2. click on ‘graphic settings’

  1. click on ‘browse’ to choose an app\program
  2. go to ur anarchy online game dir and add the anarchy (its the clientd)

  1. click on the ‘clientd anarchy online logo’ and click on ‘options’
  2. choose ‘power saving mode’
    trust me. dont use the ‘high performance mode’ it wont work

start the HD AO Client and feel free to see ur textures in normal quality

ur welcome


I have mentioned a few dozen times that turning off performance mode in the nvidia control panel (if you’re sensible and don’t let microsoft run you pc) or in windows stops the low texture bug. And the guide linked worked in that specific case only and is not actually a fix for everyone experiencing it, making a change to the performance settings is what actually seems to fix the problem.

Thanks for the info and a well made guide Awex!

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