Widescreen support?

Just returning to do some sight-seeing after 13 years away. Time files!

Anyone have tips for getting a widescreen to work? I have a 3440x1440 monitor.

Thank you!

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The new engine client supports high resolutions, you can download it here:


Do note that the client is in beta and not as optimised/stable as the old one, so I’d give it a try to see how you like it. Caloss2 made a great video on how to tweak the settings to get it to run better:

Thanks much. I downloaded and installed the new beta engine. It will stretch the display to 3440x1440. It is a literal stretch though, so it is not playable at that resolution.

After some experimentation, the widest resolution I can get it to run unstretched is 2048. For height, I can type in anything and it will work.

You shouldn’t experience any stretching entering and running a custom resolution, run it in border less windowed mode and enable scaling on GPU only. The new engine has a “stretch” in any resolution in full-screen mode even 1920x1080.