New Engine "Fullscreen" mode wrong aspect ratio


If you run the new engine with fullscreen (default) instead of changing it to windowed (borderless windowed is fine too) the characters/world will seem squashed vertically, everyone is a bit shorter and fatter essentially.

This was an issue with the engine way way back when it was first given to the users to test. The workaround was to run it in borderless windowed, and that for some reason runs fine.

Problem is you need to run the same desktop resolution as the game resolution or the screen will be a small box in the center of your desktop or be bigger than the screen.

This was recently tested on an intel machine with an Nvidia 1050, but I have also experienced it years back on my old intel machine with an Nvidia 680.

Unless its nvidia specific it should be reproducible on any machine. I’ve tested it at 1080p and 1440p as well as 4k.


You can run the new engine at any resolution you wish in any aspect ratio you wish, simply type in a custom resolution. The squish in full screen is an engine fault, and not GPU/system specific.

Also fullscreen borderless is more stable, and allows you to tab out of game without crashing.
For more on stability
See here.