Cinematics Issue

Hey all, new day, new bug. So I have started to come across an issue where the cinematics seem to skip; one was for one of the Innsmouth Academy quests where Montag was talking after the Scottish witch, but her line played again. Montag’s lines came through again but the subtitles never moved.

More concerning, during Dawn of an Endless Night, once I arrived at Red’s, the cutscene played his initial line, glitched out, had him do the same line and animation again and then instead of playing the rest, just cut out as if it had finished. I’m using Direct X 9, so its not an issue with the Direct X, does anyone have any ideas/have come across this before?

Yes. Those two cutscenes that have been bugged for a while. Nothing indicative of a bigger problem.

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Bugged for me too.