New Game Intro Blank Screen

Anyone else start a new game for 2.1 and get a blank intro screen? All the narration was there but the image was blank.

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Yes…Every time I launch the game I stare at a Black Screen for about 5 Minutes Now Since Patch 2.1.
It used play the intro movie in skips, could never see the whole thing, but now it’s much worse…And honestly they should just remove it, it’s never played right…Ever.

Yup, I just now tried starting a new character and that’s exactly what happened. Blank screen, but the narrator was doing his thing and the text of what he was saying was there. Validating my files now and plan to restart the computer once that’s done just to be on the safe side.

Yup, just tried again. Singleplayer, new game, blank screen with a narrator talking about a slave galley. As an experiment I even exited the character creation screen back to the main menu and tried again. Same result.

New character intro video its definitely broke.

The Black screen is happening for all cinematics. The Shorts cinematics at the end of the vaults are also blank.

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I remember one of them being blank pre 2.1

The vault cinematics? Yeah, there was one that had issues playing as I recall. Sometimes it would play and sometimes it wouldn’t. Now though it’s consistently a blank screen. Though I can only vouch for the new character intro at the moment.

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Yup, I can also vouch for the black intro screen for Siptah instead of the stop-motion ‘movie’ - narration/text still plays, but just black behind it. (Singleplayer, in case that makes a difference)

I can confirm this as well. All cut scene graphics, including the ends of elder vaults as mentioned here, are blank screens (black or gray) with audio voice-over.

All cinematics are black screen. I hope they fix this.

All Siptah cinematics are still blank for me and our private server. 2.1.1 didn’t claim to address the issue at all but it would be good to get some attention on this. All the work that goes into art assets in any game is significant. Those peeps deserve their work to be seen.

Kudos to the creepy giant/monster voice-overs though!

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