The problem of playing video from the new DLC

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There is a problem with playing videos from the new add-on. The gap is next, during video playback the screen is black and only text is visible, no animation. The problem is observed only in the video from the new DLС, everything is fine with the videos from the original game.

Can confirm. It’■■■■■ or miss as to whether the Isle of Siptah intro video will actually play. Sometimes it works, others it doesn’t.

No different than in the exiled lands.

Off topic but Funcom, are you really going to start going down this route trying to hide all the “bad words” so the delicate ones among us don’t get offended?

I’ve frequented places where they gradually did this more and more. Censoring partial word matches no matter the context in a self destructive attempt to catch all the filter bypass tricks. The chat is unreadable unless you turn the filter off completely! And no, it’s not because people are potty mouths. It’s because perfectly normal, clean conversations get turned into another episode of Unnecessary Censorship.


Hey there.

We’re aware of the video playback issues and our team is looking into it.
Regarding the forum censorship, it’s the standard profanity filter in Discourse. Just don’t be potty mouthed when reporting a bug.

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Except that I wasn’t. I used the word “it’s” followed by the word “hit”, and it misinterpreted that as attempting to bypass the filter.

Having maintained forums for going on 22 years now, it’s the first time I’ve seen a filter pick up something like that.


Wish I could say it’s the first I’ve seen it, but as I said, I’ve seen where this goes more than once. @Ignasis completely missed the point. Even standard filters are becoming problematic. It starts small, like what happened above. You see it happen on occasion and just brush it off as nothing to worry about. “It’s just the standard filter.” But over time, more and more words and letter combinations are added and the conditions for flagging those combinations become looser and looser. Eventually you get stuff like l+++++uild or an ext+++++rson to help with quest whi++++++e or meet at the traini+++++ound. This is not an adverti+++++t. The ++++++ mightier than the sword. Sour g++++s. Over tha+++++erfall.

Those are actual examples, FYI.


That made me chuckle and also reminded me of an old forum where the profanity filter didn’t respect word boundaries. So you would have people deliberately write “my assassin passed by the brass golem”, just to laugh at the result: “my WooHoo!WooHoo!in pWooHoo!ed by the brWooHoo! golem” :laughing:

And yeah, I can confirm that Conan Exiles forum has a profanity filter that doesn’t respect word boundaries anymore. It actually censors “s” followed by one space followed by “hit”, as in “s hit”. I bypassed it just now by typing two spaces instead of one :man_facepalming: :rofl:


This is not the OP topic, but I just wanted to say in a game with decapitating, eviscerating, torture, undead, blood and not to mention a buttload of t!ts and a$$ and penises… censoring the naughty words really seems rather stupid. I get it with how high emotions can get but really :joy:


I dislike censorship at all times - this is an adult game with adult themes, supposedly played by adults (no matter what behaviour might sometimes make the case appear). Banning of use of ‘bad language’ is not a great idea generally (there’s no such thing as ‘bad language’ just bad use of language, but that’s a whole 'nother debate), because where do you stop? ‘Swear words’ are out, ok but which ones - I can still type ‘damn it all to hell’ - that would have offended people only a few decades ago - now eight year olds use words like ‘bu**er’ in standard conversation because almost all offensive meaning has been removed from it (but the ‘profanity censor’ still registers it here…).

What about the names of political parties - the terms ‘whigs’ and ‘tories’ were direct and intentional insults, but they’re fine now - ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ are adjectives describing a type of behaviour, before they even reach their political meanings, but in some quarters can be viewed as a terrible insult, depending how it’s used. What about the names of political parties from history (perhaps from a large war in the last century…) - unquestionably an insult today.

But the fact that these word filters ‘learn’ and identify (and mis-identify) variations as possibly being the word, and censor anything that looks like it, is a huge negative to all attempts at communication. The liberal overuse (there I go using a word that’s ok today, but might be a grave insult tomorrow) of these censors is going to destroy internet discourse in the long run by eventually limiting all conversation to only ‘prescribed’ subjects and words. (Or the fairly short run if @Glurin’s examples are anything to go by :wink: )


Closing thread as it derailed from its original intent. Issue has been relayed to the team and they’re looking into it.

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