Weird colour pallette/UI problem :-/

hello guys,

I’ve tried to play this game again after quite a time and I get this weird problem:

(I wanted to post screenshots or links to them here to illustrate my problem, but the site denies me the rights to post them. Seriously guys? How am I supposed to report a technical issue?)

How can I post screenshots here?

P.S. That’s the best technical support board I’ve ever seen (irony) :rofl:

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The ability to post pictures is unlocked by spending some time reading messages and interacting with the forum. Look atround a bit, read some other posts and then you will be able to post pictures here. Usually doesn’t take long…

Failing that, you can put the images on another image sharing site, break the link up and post here (i.e. like www. google. com, and someone else will probably politely assemble the link for you.

Thanks for the reply, but it shouldn’t be so.

the game looks normal in the main menu and on the loading screen:
htt ps://
but when the loading bar is nearly full LSD kicks in!
htt ps://
and all the 2d elements of the UI are looking in the same manner:
htt ps://
htt ps://
htt ps://

all 3d elements are ok, it is just the UI

Anyone got an idea how to fix this?

I’ve already checked the game files for integrity, made sure that I have the latest video drivers and tried different graphic settings - that did not solved teh issue

Links as above. Blocking links and photos when people initially join is a safety feature, IMHO :slight_smile: