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Hey folks! I have something of a (mostly comments but still 18 page) backlog of Secret World related art, because my time spent in this community for the past few years had broken my previous art block and resulted in…shenanigans. Much of what I created was directly inspired by silly ideas tossed about by folks on the old forums and elsewhere, so I will link and credit when applicable. Seriously, we’re gonna be diving into the super-weird more than once, and for the descriptions I’ll try to balance brevity with clarity. (Spoilers: it won’t go well, I’m rambly and confusing.)

Additionally, it’s been a while since I’ve worked on much art-wise, so it might be another while before I have anything actually new to share. I am not an art machine, and this is all accumulated over the course of about four years, so this flood is an outlier and should not be counted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The first chunk was created with the program Mischief, and I will note when I switched over to Clip Studio Paint.

  • If you are interested in a commission, feel free to hit me up!

Without further rambling and ado, here are ALL THE THINGS (in approximately chronological order) that I have created for this delicious game!

First up is the wallpaper I’ve used for the past four years, Dr. Armitage! (As described in one of the seasonal Spooky Stories of Solomon Island.) His description gave me such a vivid mental image I had to draw him, and he’s become one of my favorite Secret World characters.

Scriv once joked about dropping everything to go make evil whispering earrings at Kaas’ prompting, which inspired me to draw this (based on a similar pair in the Queen Bee outfit later in this post). More rambling and close-ups here.

Okay, this one is a combination of things, mostly Scriv saying things, and then me running with the idea via four of the most active devs at the time. (Scriv and his eldritch-being legs, Joel as our then-Game Director, Tilty hiding in the back, and Quokka who is no longer with Funcom).

Now for the three entries I made to the outfit design contest they held! (This forum respects imgur’s [img] tags and leaves pngs as-is with clickthrough for bigger versions, instead of uploading and converting to jpg if you just hotlink. Good to know! No it doesn’t, it just took a second to convert to jpg. :thisisfine: But it does force image previews in blur spoiler tags!) The first was Asylum Escapee (details here).

After that was Queen Bee which I would still LOVE to have in game for everyone wink wonk (details here). If you look near the middle of the page, you can see the smaller, dangly first version of the afore-posted filthy earring.

And finally, Kings and Aces (details here).

I…okay, this happened the first time we had the Whispering Tide event, and didn’t know what to expect. There was an interesting theory tossed out by Frank and Auroris on what the big finale would be, and…uh…

Some background: there were shenanigans where bigwigs decided the mankini was only suitable as a temporary item because it didn’t fit the IP, and it was removed until this iteration of the game happened, and…well, I express my protests with art. There’s gonna be a lot of mankinis and dresses in here. The dresses will continue until we get more than sporranless kilts and toga bottoms. And possibly after.

Okay, I think that’s a good place to pause for now. To be continued in…the following handful of posts! The ride has only just begun.


OKAY here we go! This one was outlined by Kaas and directly prompted by Frank. Each scientist was referenced from an actual in-game Orochi scientist!

So this is of Tomium, a previous Community Manager, who was the first to take all blame (#BlameTomium). The video is no longer on Twitch, but there were shenanigans with him testing PvP, and Lego mention, and…then this happened.

I confess, I have not watched Game of Thrones, though I was and am passingly familiar with Daenerys. Still had to do some research, but this one was from @Nordavind’s prompting. Bones is now very happy to have that hair–though while all three dragons were my Dragon alts in TSW, only the middle Dragon made it to SWL. (I need more character slots. >.>) Blurred for exposed nipples, click here for fullsize (jpg conversion was particularly unkind here).

I am a packrat and hoarded auxiliary weapon signets in TSW, and @Nordavind and Frank called me out on it. This image actually contains the amount of each signet that I had at the time because I can’t help putting in tiny details like that.

This…Scriv was being silly again, then a few posts down I learned a thing I had not known was a thing? And was willing to take the bribe in a silly way.

However, due to remembering something else Scriv said that Joel told him often, I also made a more realistic version.

Related to the previous bribe, I was roundabout-bribed via a gracious donation to a friend in need. Since Joel wrote Inbeda, and Scriv likes writing for Geary…I found a way to be both silly and fill the prompt. Blurred for visible undergarments, click here for fullsize. (Said undergarments, if anyone is interested, were somewhat inspired by this shop’s undergarments.)

This one came about from conversations in two threads that I smashed together into one image. Credits to ciaranh, Frank, Auroris, @BlueRabbit, Red-Mammoth, Chestielarue, and @Igami. (This happened before Hatekeeper was a thing, which is why he’s Filth-ified and not red.)

This is one of my Dragon characters (the red one from the Daenerys image before, actually). She’s my eyeball-loving undead seamstress, and is in the process of sewing the Queen Bee outfit. Blurred for body horror (exposed bones, she’s munching on her knee-skin, her clothing is sewn to her flesh, and she has bag of eyeballs), click here for fullsize.

Let’s end this post with more Whispering Tide stuff! This is obviously how the planning for the event went. Joel was explaining the Flappy Bird and the Gaia Bees to Scriv, who (having already heard those transmissions) was distracted with Filthy spiders and tentacles. (For Filth, I’m glad to say, is in the mind of the beholder.)

More shenanigans happened later, and so this demonstrative image sort of…escalated. (Unicorns are gastropods!)

To be continued…in the next post!


This one isn’t exactly fanart. I’ve been working at a haunt for about as long as I’ve been arting for this IP, and with Scriv’s permission, using things he’s written as lines for my act. I don’t have video of me, but I did get one in 2014 of an actor friend incorporating stuff into her act. (Backstage, since we weren’t allowed to get footage of the sets.)

Did you know that some facial nerve configurations look suspiciously similar to the veins in butterfly wings? And, given that Che mentions the Morninglight “making [redacted] butterflies”…
So much identity trapped in the meat of your faces.
She opens them with a knife, shows them the beauty inside.
Initiate the hidden face.

Blur for body horror (exposed facial muscles and nerves, no blood), click here for fullsize.

I also made a FNF version, with quotes from their propaganda instead of the ML ones. Same warnings as before. First, the gif, because we are all made of stars…

And here, the two static versions the gif switches between. Click here for fullsize of the first, and here for the second.

A repeating background tile I created, inspired by one Origami Soldier made for John and by
WARNING! Cleansing efficiency compromised. Engine 45B lost. The Filth leaks. It flows up alien gravities. Initiate diagnostic protocols. Alert the immaculate machine. Initiate distress beacon to the Host.
Is anyone out there?
Who mans the light at the end of the tunnel?

And so begins the Misadventures with Mr. Montag! This’ll be slightly out of order vs. the original thread, for the sake of grouping all relevant pieces together. These videos will look largely familiar, but keep an eye out for a few (quite gory) flashbacks!
A swift, decapitating blow with a spade! (which we still need as a hammer skin)

Montag’s days of medical practice!

Montag’s pep talk!

The Illuminati’s occasionally curious calling cards!

Bonus: if you read the book title on the spine, you’ll get some insight into his sense of humor.

And now the comic I created for the #IAMTSW contest, featuring Carter (with a guest appearance at the very end, see if you can spot him)!

If you’re interested, here is every single reference I made with this comic (copied from the old forum with adjusted formatting). It’s a lot. I really like the attention to detail in this game. >_>



  • Re-Animator (poster), for the basic layout and pose. Because Jeffrey Combs is Herbert West and Montag.
  • Hannibal (promo image), because I didn’t want to exactly copy the desk arrangement of the poster, and this made for a good “pinning down an ornery familiar head” arm position. And I like Hannibal.
  • Resolution just so happens to be the same as the Issue 1 cover I have saved. (Original resolution–had to be resized for forum preview purposes.)
  • The familiar has a glowy anima-ball in its mouth, akin to the anima charges you gather in The Breakfast Cult.
  • The box on the desk is the W.A.N.D Anima Manipulator from the same mission.
  • The disk on the desk is the portable shield generator, as used in Carter Unleashed.
  • The desk itself, and the chair, are in the headmaster’s office.
  • The jars are found in Innsmouth (among other places)–one has a brain-looking thing, and the other has those funky octo-hand-looking things. I didn’t have room for the one with the ammonite-things.
  • The tube he’s holding is a smaller, thinner version of the empty beakers that can also be found in Innsmouth.
  • “Fancom” logo traced and tweaked from a hi-res Funcom logo I found on google.
  • You can’t see it 'cause it’s dark and I didn’t make the shadows opaque enough, but instead of doing the drop-shadows on the text all the same direction they usually are on Issue covers, I changed the angles so it’s like the shadows are being affected by the anima-filled beaker.
  • “Misadventures with Mr. Montag” is highly alliterative, as the Buzzing is prone to doing. (And W is like an upside-down M, so we can pretend it’s 100% alliteration.)
  • 21 is the number of points on the yellow sun symbol of God for the Yazidi. You’ll recall the Yazidi were important in To Sir, With Love. It’s also conveniently under the guesstimated number of Issues that are planned.
  • October 18, 1985 was the release date for the first Re-Animator movie, thus the month and year release date.
  • My condensed Futura font is too thin, even while bold, to match what’s used on the Issue covers. *shakefist* I had to tweak size and kerning to get it close. (Also had to tweak the #, they may have used a different Impact than I have. SHRUGS ABOUT FONTS.)

Comic page 1:

  • The resolution is the same as the Issue 9 comic pages I have saved.
  • …HAHA JOKE’S ON ME I cropped out or covered the bookshelf, you can’t see where I hecked up. They’re totally in the room you find these NPCs in, though, except the door is closed because perspective is hard.
  • Carter’s beginning and ending thoughts are a quote from The Rec Center Cannot Hold. (Now I just gotta figure out how to get a shop class project flashback for Usher and I’ll have the whole set!)
  • Things go sepia because Montag’s memories, and memories involving Montag, automatically gain a sepia tint. Research has yet to reveal a distinct cause for this phenomenon.
  • Not only is the difference between “current” and “memory” noted in the black-and-white vs. sepia tones inside the panels, but Carter’s thought box has a light gradient hinting the fading in and back out, AND the borders of the panels change. Current is clear and solid, while memory is fuzzier and textured.
  • Carter’s labcoat has the Innsmouth symbol on the chest, and closes the same as the one available for male characters in Pangaea, because the Thaumaturge one is backwards compared to the RL references I found. 8|
  • The background behind Carter is the chalkboards and wall from the Summoning Room. (Same with the floor. Why is it wood? We had tile in our lab rooms.)
  • The table the familiar is on is similar to the tables found in the Summoning Room, except longer because they’re too short to fit a body.
  • Used the masculine familiar model, due to listed body parts.
  • The criminal mentioned is Larry Checkon from Something Wicked.
  • The magic-using student is from entry 10 of the Innsmouth lore, and entry 7 of LoMS. (So, yes, time shenanigans. Shhh.)
  • The flesh golem bits are from either the one fought in Carter Unleashed, and/or the one in Rec Center.
  • Carter is holding the same anima-filled tube that Montag has on the cover, though it is less visible on this page.

Comic page 2:

  • HEAL-Y ANIMA HEXAGONS CHECK IT. These were gonna be yellow and things were gonna be all cool and glowy but time happened. They are where the anima in the tube is, generally. Because symbolism.
  • It’s easier to see on this page that Carter is also wearing protective blue gloves, because corpses are gross. She’d have eye protection, too, but clear things are hard to draw and they’d have caused too much clutter.
  • Okay, so, I fabricated the pillow and sheet. Probably. We don’t get to go inside the dorms so there wasn’t anything to work with there.
  • I used the same window that is found near these NPCs, though, because I have no reason to believe they’d be styled differently.
  • Except for the curtains. Curtains are what is mentioned by Carter in her Spooky Story, whereas the ones by Montag have blinds.
  • That tree is totally a tree that Montag’s looking at (because it was in my reference screenshot).
  • WHO COULD THAT BE, PRUNING THE TREE? IT IS A MYSTERY. This school hasn’t had a groundskeeper since 1806!
  • That’s totally the wall around Innsmouth outside the window, too.
  • The graffiti on the wall is the Crowley one–“CHANGE IN CONFORMITY WITH WILL.” Because we’re doing magic here, making familiars more than what they were. It was gonna have the blue-red gradient to make it more recognizable because I did not feel like zooming in far enough to write it out all the way. But, again, time happened.

While the visuals were taken from the first Re-Animator movie, as it is the most iconic, the dialogue was influenced by the second movie, Bride of Re-Animator. It has to do with parts, so it works better with cobbled-together familiars. Here are the dialogue chunks I mulched and regurgitated into something that sounds a bit more like Montag (not quite in the order they are found in the movie):

  • But they’re all equal now. Nothing but cast-off remnants of a meaningless existence.
  • She was special. Just. Dead. Tissue. But in our hands, it’s the clay of life.
  • Pure potentiality. The primordial ooze from which all life originates.
  • Dan. You can’t turn back now. This…this is the key to creating life. Parts. Re-animated parts.
  • Exactly, and what are people, Dan, over and above a collection of living parts? We can create new life.
  • Blasphemy? Before what? God? A God repulsed by the miserable humanity He created in His own image? I will not be shackled by the failures of your God. The only blasphemy is to wallow in insignificance. I have taken refuse of your God’s failures and I have triumphed. There! THERE is my creation!

Or, if you like, Scriv summed up reference-making in a surprisingly fitting way.

I think Montag’s shenanigans are a good way to wrap up this post. On to the next!


Thus, this post begins in the most fabulous manner. Scriv in the Queen Bee outfit! Can you tell how much I love that design? There were many influences this time, many thanks to @BlueRabbit and @Nordavind. (This one was done via vectors in Photoshop, but uses a paper background from Mischief.)

More on the history of wanting the mankini back in the game. Scriv tormenting Tilty by protesting in the office and singing a bit of a parody. (Pre-censored for the sake of eldritch anatomy.)

Ah, my video for the #IAMTSW contest! I can’t stand my voice for many, many reasons, but thanks to Anima Chambers posting some audio-recording tips and filters, I made something I can stand to listen to, and am still rather proud of (recording inexperience aside). The intro is set up like the text-based games-within-the-game, and the video itself is lore, with as many-voiced a Buzzing as I had time for. Different voices favor each ear, if you have headphones!

= Play the Game v8.0 =

[A Lonely Branch in Agartha]

You see before you a group of six lore pieces that look to be clustered in a hexagon pattern. It seems suspicious, since they’re NEVER this close together. But…lore is lore. So you approach the one closest to you, reaching out for it, ready to collect them in clockwise order.

The droning in your brain picks up, and you brace yourself to hear what the Buzzing has to say…


[Somewhere Bright]

The rapid flash of visions through your mind makes you reel. Where were you? WHEN were you?

As you regain sense of your surroundings, you feel the rising urge to tell everyone you know about what you saw.


We are Melycinya, we are TSW, and we are all of us the Buzzing.

Aaah, the scarf golem. Inspired directly by @BlueRabbit, and generally by the hilariously high droprate of scarves in the Bohemian Grab Bag.

This one kinda fudges the “fanart” line–it’s just a slightly edited screenshot, but it looks neat. Witness my warboy: he’s the man who grabs the sun, buzzing to Agartha. (Technically this is where my Clip Studio Paint stuff starts, but I’ll mention it again when I get to drawings.)

I’m not gonna post every skelfie I’ve taken, but I’ll give some previews and a link to a few others. This first one I did for the #IAMTSW contest, with an airsoft gun stock peaking out behind my shoulder for AR and the pretty back cover of a hardback Poe collection as Blood focus. A friend of mine made me both shirts you’ll see.

For this one, Origami Soldier made the necklace. You can see a few more general shots here.

I’d accidentally ended up with a flirty pose from the #IAMTSW efforts (hand fell from hat, caught on shirt), so I took a bunch of deliberately-flirty shots, too. More of those here.

I’ll wrap up this post with a portrait I did of Scriv, based on the style of some portraits he bought from Michael Bielaczyc. It incorporates some things he’s said over the years, some things he owns, and his one-eyed cat familiar, Raven. I made it big enough to print, and do plan to (one day, when I have the space and drive to work) get a good print, frame, and frame elements to match the others Scriv has. This is the first Secret-World-related illustration that I made in Clip Studio Paint (this one especially making use of Frenden’s brushes).

There we are, just a bit more to go. Onward!


Here are my submissions from the museum shirt design contest! The text in this one I came up with during the same haunt season as the video I posted earlier, as I was quoting many Scrivisms and was in a room very close to the chainsaws.

A Disney princess familiar, because they are adorable and my favorite and I love the way they sound and CSP has the power of SPARKLIES and I love puns. Bonus points if you recognize the background symbol!

A…potted plant?

And Saïd, who (last I heard) is not a display, but can be found occasionally visiting museums. *sets out traps*

This is gonna take a turn, because…I can. This section will be variants on that Saïd pedestal, but…shenanigans happened, as ever. You see, I learned that “lingerie” is derived from the french term for “linen,” and given that mummies are ever in linen wrappings…we’ve been catching them in their lingerie. Rude. But since I know a place to find some nice lingerie that would fit Saïd…this happened. Blur because undergarments, again (this set, to be specific). Click here for fullsize.

After that happened, @Jingi asked if it came in upgradeable color variants. Alas, while the real-world version does not…I have unlimited power. Fullsize here.

Then, there was a fantastic financial announcement for Funcom, and I celebrated that Funcomgratulations the best way I know of. Fullsize here.

Okay, that’s it for Saïd shenanigans…but this is where things really start to go bonkers. Just…I have no excuse for this one…except that it comes pre-censored, but I’ll blur-link it if it is deemed necessary. And that we should all thank @Brightmoon.

This one is even more…I was lazy and nabbed the previous Saïd, but…just…Nzoth started it, alright. It’s beach vacation time, more mankini protesting, and showing how unicorns fit the IP too. Secret World is a serious game for serious people. ಠ_ಠ

I like this one! A lot. So much. It was for a Saints and Sinners competition. But because modern dance music doesn’t touch my brain, and thus I cannot dance to it, I opted for something…older. Based on a mural of some ladies dancing, graciously offered to me by @Jennet (which I now can’t find to link, oh no), with more suggested movement.

And back to madness! We cope well with droprates here, with thanks to astrus.

Ah, we’re ending on the best note. Dame Julia being drunk and inadvertently silly during the holidays, and Miss Plimmswood pretending to be more drunk than she is so she can flirt with her girlfriend (LET THEM GET MARRIED) and not get in trouble with the stuffy rest of the Templar for being “improper.” Miss Plimmswood is much better at holding her liquor than Dame J.


Bonus reservation, just in case! (I told you it’s only just begun.)

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Great stuff, Mel-Addams, I remember from the old Forums :smile: Looking forward to new the creations!


Ahhhhh man, this brings back memories.
Fond memories. :smiley:

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Thank you both! :heart: This was certainly a trip for me, too, hahaha. XD

If anyone had popped in while it was just the first post, scroll back up and check out the others! There’s so much art up there. So much.

I do have some other bits and bobs not yet posted…lots of stuff for Auroris, some other commission-y things, a few more purely ridiculous little things (more absurd mankini stuff, that one time Nassir lost his beard and it ended up on Geary’s face instead, etc.). I can put those in the last saved post, if y’all think it might be fitting? I’ll want to get permission for commissions, but yeah. Commisions, lingering nice things, and then whatever random junk I find laying around.

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Still love this as I have loved them over the years. The Scriv/Tilty one with the mankini and French song cracks me up everytime!
You are a star Mely! :star::star::star::star::star:

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Aw, thankee, Rabbutt! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

We are all made of stars :eight_pointed_black_star:

EDIT: oh heck everything just died, Dropbox why. I’ll…figure something out. x_x
EDIT2: okay it looks like imgur allows hotlinking and doesn’t have bandwidth limits (so long as, say, a forum doen’t use it to host their icons and stuff). Bear with me while I re-upload and swap everything around.

WHOO okay that should be everything. To recap what I learned hecking up and then fixing this thread seventy times:

  • Dropbox is good for linking pngs for transparency, but since the forum doesn’t convert the images and they remain hosted by Dropbox, you’re subject to Dropbox’s bandwidth limit. Every single preview image and link will break if you hit that. :thisisfine: :fire:

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All that said, NOW the thread should be good. Everything should be viewable, and if the image previews break again, I will probably just crawl under my chair and sleep for a week instead. :thisisfine:
Some things were wallpaper dimensions and no longer are, for the sake of file size. If you want want one, try removing the “?[EditNumber]” after “.png”, and if that doesn’t work just let me know and I’ll fetch you a proper link. :heart:

EDIT: New trick learned:

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Oh holy hell, what all did I just see? It’s like the inside jokes, the community, and some of the best moments of this game got concentrated, flavored, carbonated, canned, and poured out onto the taste buds of my eyeballs (…that… metaphor didn’t really work, did it…), and presented itself as the Bingo! Cola my brain didn’t know it needed.


Your metaphor worked perfectly well. What are photoreceptors, but that which lets your eyes taste the colors, lights, and shadows of the world? (Hell, my video mentioned “hungry black-hole pupils.” Yours is a perfect extension! Also, this.)

In any case, that is HUGELY flattering, thankee! :heart:


I forgot to post these before! So, the second year working at my haunt, they utilized my natural ability to effectively turn into a statue, and had me be a scarecrow. I now own the mask (because the haunt closed :broken_heart:), so I may very well end up wandering a con with a closer-to-SWL outfit at some point. I did not have the chainsaw for my role, but I borrowed it and some other actors to get some rad shots at the edge of the cornfield.


Nope nope nope nope EFFING NOPE.


To reiterate:

:corn: :chad: :corn: :heart:

(I plan to use the babydoll focus. Much lighter, much more eerie. Did you know the scarecrows’ “shirt”/chest is just a ton of wrapped rope underneath their overalls? That part’s gonna be such a pain to figure out. How does one secure rope to a shirt base. HOW)

(Haha I forgot my own png rule but I am too lazy to fix it)


Suggestion: Tack the rope down with sturdy stitches every six inches or so, and glue the rest. Start with a shirt base that’s close in color so the difference isn’t obvious.

Choose a shirt that’s comfy against the skin. Because rope sucks.

Also! Choose a shirt that you don’t have to stretch very much to get into/out of. Because if you think a shirt is going to stretch after you sew and glue yards and yards of rope to it… nah.


Yeah, I was thinking of doing wrapped stitches that follow the braid of the rope…but man that’ll take a lot of thread. I’m inclined to buy a spool of the sturdiest stuff I can find specifically for this purpose, double it up, and just sacrifice as much as I need. Hadn’t considered glue, though, that could help keep it in place. Thankee! (And yeah, definitely a comfy, color-matching shirt.)

…I just remembered the last time I thought about this, I realized that if I wrap the whole (potentially longsleeved) shirt with rope (which would also help make me look less like a stick-scarecrow)I could do silly baring-a-shoulder “sexy scarecrow” shots. That is entirely too much power.


Do not use your powers for evil.

But if you do, I want pics.