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Hey folks, TeaThief here. I’ve been a TSW/SWL player/fan for almost two years now, but I’ve never been super-involved in the community, except a little bit on Tumblr.

What I HAVE done is create a ton of art in those two years. (God, has it really only been two years?) And I figured this would be a good place to share some of it! Much of it is of characters that my friends and I run in game, but there are plenty of recognizable locations, and the occasional canon NPC character, too!


The Incredibly Subtle mural in New York, marking the sewer maze entrance to the Labyrinth. (Markers.)

Paksara “Pax” Philips (left) and Alexandra Bishop, entering Temple Hall. (Markers.)

The Kingsmouth Congregational church, and cemetery. (Watercolors.)

Tristan d’Eagan, the very British art thief and accidental Illuminati. (My main, and the source of the ‘TeaThief’ handle. Markers.)


Aaah, these look so great! I’ve had trouble with…man, everything you’ve got here. Markers, watercolor, scenery…you’ve done an awesome job with all of those, and you have SUCH a great sense of perspective. And lighting! :smiley: Thanks for sharing! :heart: (Also, while you didn’t share your icon art directly, I LOVE Tristan’s expression in it. XD)

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Awww, thank you! I have a LOT MORE I’ll be posting slowly, Including some story bits paired with illustrations and some Secret World cosplay. (There are some pin-ups, too… but I don’t think I can post those here. :blush: )


*runs in circles* COSPLAY! 8D (Which reminds me, I should probably go post pictures of that time I was a scarecrow at my haunt…the mask was Secret-World-y enough that I think it counts. XD)

I am excited to see what else you have. :smiley: I recognized some of your work, but can’t recall what I have/haven’t seen. Also, if the pin-ups aren’t too risque and you do want to post them, you may do so using blur and/or dropdown spoilers. I checked. XD
I have a few other image-posting tips in the post the below quote is linked to (oh cool, you can expand the quote to see the whole post!), but if you do decide to use spoiler tags, here’s the relevant bit I learned from trial and error:

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I’ll figure out what to do with the pin-ups later. (I’d leave them out, but they’re some of my best work!) For now, though-- COSPLAY!

So… I have a TON of photos of my Illuminati uniform. Like, whole photoshoots of it.

… and virtually nothing of my Dragon and Templar uniforms. Although… at least the Dragon one seems appropriate.


… I really need more good shots of both of those…


Amazing work. Especially the church one is breathtaking work with watercolor/aquarell. Looking forward to seeing more. <3

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OH OH I REMEMBER YOUR LUMIE PHOTOS you look fantastic! :smiley: (Nice earring in that last shot, too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) I don’t remember having seen your Dragon before, but holy CRAP that is an absolutely beautiful shot. XD Were those your puppets, or did you borrow them? (Kinda looks like a con setting there, and if you did borrow them, I gotta wonder what they were originally for, hehehe.) And you were the Templar on twitter recently! Very nice. Thanks again for sharing! :heart:

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Really fantastic work, TeaThief… I need to sit and absorb for a while… but great stuff :slight_smile: It’s Saturday, which means beer night, so I’ll have a few and have a more detailed look. Just realized how far my skills have atrophied doing 3D so much :smile:

Love the rich colors, and the costumes look fantastic!

The puppets were borrowed from a friend who was going as the pack of raptors from Jurassic World. (She made a papercraft raptor head, and then used the hand puppets to be the extra raptors. It was awesome.) The ‘WTF’ of the moment seemed very Dragon-appropriate. I only regret not getting a ceiling fan in the shot in the background. And yes, those were taken at a convention (although not all the same year!)

And I was ‘the Templar on Twitter’? O_o I have not seen this.

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I thought it might’ve been for those raptors, but hadn’t considered they’d be paired with a raptor head mask! That IS awesome. XD

Yeah, it looks like Felicity Bane got a photo of you at ECCC, posted it on twitter, and then I ran into it when the official SWL account retweeted it! :smiley:

Oh my god, the responses to that are HILARIOUS! That was literally the ONLY time anyone has asked for a photo of that uniform, and I’ve worn it to that convention two years in a row. XD


Obviously, more Secret Worlders need to start going to ECCC. ;D (I saw a good handful of folks I follow talk about it this year, and don’t remember hearing about it previously. At least, not by that acronym. The full thing sounds more familiar. >.>’)

I’ve poked through your thread a few times, and I’m actually looking forward to sitting down and chewing through your comic when I get the time. What I see of it scrolling by looks like it should be good, and I’m impressed by the recreation of Sonnac’s office. :smile:

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Cheers, TeaThief, I did model Sonnac’s office myself… bought a few of the models for the desk and the chairs… and a few other bitz. Lol. It was fun to do, if a but “duhh?” with using blender at the time. I tried Geary’s office as well, just have never used it … yet… dun. dun .dun… Maybe for book three of the Novel if I get around to it.

Check out the first Novel first maybe… The Return to Outpost 94. I reference back to it a few times in “A Helluva Point” :slight_smile: Also the characters in the second one are alternate reality characters to the ones in the first attempt :slight_smile:

Had a chance to hic absorb TeaThief… really nicely done. Lovely perspectives and colouring and the CosPlay ones are excellent :smile:

More art! Time for a character profile:

Name: Tristan d’Eagan
Faction: Illuminati

Likes: Expensive clothes, fine art (especially art that’s poorly guarded), good food and wine, lying in bed listening to the rain, parkour, the thrill of pulling off a complicated heist, and properly made tea.

Dislikes: Wendigo, explaining mysterious stains to his dry cleaner, being high on any drug, Egypt, gas station coffee, Lipton, stubble, everyone assuming he’s a Templar because of his accent, peanut butter, diet soda.

Other facts:

Born and raised in London, swallowed his Bee on a flight to New York, where he was escaping a situation in the UK. Was recruited by the Illuminati before he had any idea what was happening.

Horribly shy around pretty women. Oblivious when receiving flirtation, terrible at flirting in return. Had a huge crush on Geary for about five minutes, before he figured out what she’s actually like.

Never knew his biological father, or his half-siblings, until recently.

Looks great in his uniform. HATES his uniform.

Uses a sword, elemental magic, and occasionally pistols in the field, but prefers to sneak rather than fight when possible.

Friendlier and more trusting than he probably ought to be. Come find him in game! Look for TeaThief .


YESS FULL ICON it’s still such a great face. XD

…I really want those Illuminati boxer briefs. That design looks so great. I’ll be subject to the tools and template if I can even find anywhere to make them–but if I do find a site that lets me make a custom pair with the same design, would you mind if I try to emulate them, or would you prefer I go for a different design?

Also, A+ cufflinks, an excellent touch to his suit. :smiley: Also also, everyone looks great in vests and should wear them more often, I approve of his clothing choices. :raised_hands: He seems to be an all-around delight (with great hair to boot).

Oh knock yourself out! I’d be tickled to see someone use them. And, not gonna lie, I’d be jealous.

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