Mel's Not-So-Secret Fanart

That escalated quickly … also, I’m a visual thinker. Where to send the therapy bill? :wink:


Of course there’ll be photos, if and when. :wink:

I literally have a sub-folder in my Secret World art folder just named “Stupid Sexy Folder” because this keeps happening. Also, I made you a map:
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I’ve been occupied art-wise contributing some card art for a game…which could count as tangential fanart, but I’m not sure what I’m allowed to post publicly because it is not my game, so I’ll probably link more after the demo’s released.

In any case, I did find some time to tease the sounds of Dr. Armitage out of an ambiance mixer.
It’s nice and neutral, leaving it ready to clack and scratch along in the background of any other ambience you’d like, musical or no.

(I found that site via this post, which has a number of mixes that fit SWL rather well.)


So, this happened:

And you know I couldn’t resist responding with this.

(Also I got a new font that looks similar to the other one, but has fancy alternates and stuff so I can make it look a little nicer. :smiley: I might go back some day and change the others…but I should get back to working, so that’s for future me.)



I was busy for a while working on indie game art (though the game’s scope changed, so my stuff doesn’t fit, as happens with game dev…I might check for permission to post some pieces here sometime), then burned myself out, and haven’t done much in a while. I’m still brain-fried (whomst isn’t), but art-wise I’ve started sketching here and there…and then was contacted by Nzoth! He commissioned me to do the cover for a D&D 5E specialization he wrote, and it is SO COOL. If you end up getting this and making your own Reanimator, please, I would love to hear all about them! (I am personally delighted to report that it’s a MUCH closer base for one of my own Secret World characters, compared to last time I tried to make them in a tabletop game.)

Reanimator cover small

I posted links to this and the other things Nzoth has published here (starting with a link to get the Reanimator specialization 50% off, until the release of the new Ravenloft book):


Damn fine, Mel :slight_smile: I’ll have a look, for sure :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! :grin:

I just want you to know that I absolutely adore your art (and you!) and I love seeing you share these!!! In the spirit of a certain sargassum someone: No, don't stop now. More works, please.

Everything you have here is gorgeous!!! :purple_heart: :bee:


Aw, thank you! I adore you, too, Vomher. :revolving_hearts:

I am currently bouncing around a thousand different crafty projects both digital and physical, and finishing none of them… :thisisfine: BUT it occurs to me I don’t appear to have linked my old post theorizing about what Daimon’s tattoos might be? Which I think counts as fanstuff enough. So, here’s that! Major Spoiler Daimon, the Korinto-kai, and Irezumi (Tattoos)