Pixel art cross stitch


My girlfriend has (for a while now) been embroidering pixel art of various game characters and since she finally got around to Secret World, I figured I’d share it here. :slight_smile:

If people want to make a game of identifying the various characters (not just the Secret Worlders) then I’ve got a whole pile of these that I can photograph and upload. :v:


Maximum I can identify are some Diablo characters and that stupid basic Skyrim helmet. Who are two characters before Inbeda? Can’t recall them but since they are between SWL characters I suppose they are from there too?


Tough to tell on my phone, but my guess is that the brown haired one would very much like her teddy, and the other is everybody’s favourite red-headed mother of monologues.

Am trying to figure out if the two just past yuichi fit, or if they’re part of the borderlands(?) crew at the end. Also is that, Zuberi, looking positively evil next to Rose?


The two past Yuichi are our favorite Train-stopping duo: Nassir and Saïd. I think.


Gasp! Lord Recluse and Statesman!



gasp Squee!! And Ghost Widow!



So it is her!

LOL, I feel bad for not recognizing her sooner. She was my favorite Patron.


I seriously considered trying to cosplay her for a while. But that is a LOT of effort for what is likely low recognizability. (although I’m sure I’d make at least one or two CoH players’ days.)


I don’t think there’s been a wrong guess yet, hehe.


Time to fill in a few of the rest then…
Middle row ends with Skyrim’s iconic Nord, the one two back from it is another Nameless One (Torment), and then Minsc (and Boo).


We need more of these sort of things in our lives. I can’t stop reimagining cutscenes in 8bit now. Anybody tried to do custom Funko Pops?


This is some awesome stitchin’!!
I think i recognise the full tokyo incident team : sarah, alex mccall, mei ling, rose white, zuberi followed by daimon, kirsten geary and richard sonnac. Next two not sure but after them inbeda, yuichi and her brother harumi. After that nassir and said. Maybe next one is kurt or maybe a different game! Good job, more of this pls :slight_smile:


Wut - this thread is 8 months old i see now. Starting to wonder if more chars are added in the meantime :slight_smile:


Emma and Lilith.

No Secret World characters but there’s an enormous pile of those sheets now, with characters from tons of games. :v: