Dawn of the Morninglight Now Available

Just replayed The Pachinko Model onstream tonight, shuddering seems like a very appropriate response.


I posted a pic of some dialogue from The Pick Up over on Twitter that makes me wonder very much about seeing Cassie. Though suppose she wasn’t the one who said the line, so maybe I’m reaching. I’m just not sure if I should post it here…it’s an early mission, and in the opening cutscene for it, but not sure if still spoilery? Can I spoiler tag pics? O_o


That is the best looking part of the zone that we’ve seen so far. Tho I also like the Agartha enterance and the gate. Can’t wait to explore the entire thing though.


Omg thank you funcom for season 2 im so hype :heart::heart::heart::heart:


There’s a pretty good chance we’ll see Berihun again. From Angels and Demons…


You sure can! Here’s some things I learned:

[Not relevant after more science, but for the sake of education, I’m leaving this point in:]

There’s more of what I learned about posting images in that post, but those are the two most relevant points for using the spoiler tags with images.

EDIT: additional thing I learned: for quotes, you can click on the expand/dropdown arrow within the quote box on the top right. That will expand the quote to show the entire post, with the quoted section highlighted. :smiley:
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Thanks funcom for season 2 hype is real cant wait to get my hands on it​:heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

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You are AMAZING, Mel! :smiley:

Ok, so this is the pic I was talking about, from a Kingsmouth mission, that got me so excited when seen after the trailer for Season 2. Complete with me in the middle of raising my hand to gesture wildly at the screen bc I had myself muted at the time. xD


Only hit enter once after opening a tag. Twice breaks it on this forum. (So remove the paragraph space after the link.)

It also generally takes a few seconds to auto-edit overlarge images into links if they’re over 3mb. (Hi, live editing! XD)


Woot, success! Thank you. <3


No problem! :heart: I suspect most folks haven’t used this type of forum before, so we’re all learning together. XD

RIGHT DUH also NICE SCREENSHOT. I think I remember dismissing that when I first heard him say it, and then (despite cluing into the horror of the ML and agreeing with Cassini’s “red flag!”), didn’t pay it any mind on alts. FOR SHAME


Undercover? Infiltration? Man, this finally sounds like some real agent action! Hope there’s lots of traps (deadly preferred if one is not careful enough and doesn’t take things seriously), investigation, sabotage, dark humor. I sure as hel don’t wanna be able to go full force and simply blast my way out.
I want something to make me think! Hope there’s an option to rig the whole place before I sneak out, grab popcorn (or a taco) and watch it go BOOM from a distance with a fat smile on my face :smiling_imp:

Keep your pokerfaces in front of these scumbags while blasting the whole place up inside your head sounds like a challenge. Let’s help them embrace the light :sparkling_heart:

Edit: Didn’t get the “boar” in Kaidan subway and don’t get the fancy hyenas either. That little “not my thing” aside: I’m hyped!


I’ve run through that mission on multiple characters at different times, too. Never thought anything much of it until last night, after the trailer. :smiley: It was kinda hilarious on stream, you could see the moment my brain registered the words I was hearing and I jumped in my chair. <3 I love that the folks who work on this game pay so much attention to what they’re doing with things like that.


Mm-hm, I love the attention to detail in the story and environment here, too. :smiley: Remember that time we go to the underground ruins in All Roads Lead to Rome? Sure, there’s the Sol Invictus mural on the floor…but there are Morninglight pamphlets sitting on the crates in the dug-out tunnel area before you enter the ruins themselves, too. :wink:


I actually did a quick clip of the moment I was all muted but OMG HE SAID THE THING. (Warning that I sometime use my ecig on stream, and I was in this clip. So if that’s a thing that bugs anyone who reads this, you’ve been warned? Also Twitch chooses the link text for clips automatically, I did not name this myself, heh.) Spoilers: https://clips.twitch.tv/EvilBraveWrenCharlietheUnicorn


I also remember the same feels when I started a new character after playing through Kaidan. All the little side mentions of Tokyo and what happened there, everything that lines up SO PERFECTLY but you don’t really think about it at the time. <3


I need to do this now. I remember moments like this, after having gone through Kaidan, playing a new character through City of the Sun God, and hearing Chandra say, “You go where we fear to tread,”… the sudden :open_mouth: It was there all along!

I need more moments like that!


That is a rather unique method of hashing.


…Hahahaha! :joy: Oh man, that never clicked for me, and it took me a bit just now…but that’s so great. :rofl:


I have no idea how Twitch generates those, but I like to picture Daimon cackling maniacally as he does them himself. *nods*