Dawn of the Morninglight Now Available

The fuse is lit. Philip Marquard, leader of the Morninglight, has been making moves in a hotbed of cultist operations: New Dawn. A mysterious text was sent to your phone. It’s time to come out of the shadows and spring into action.

Infiltrate the New Dawn compound. Rise up within their ranks. Experience brand new, fully voice-acted missions, defeat new creatures inspired by ancient folklore, and uncover the sinister truths of the Morninglight cult in this thrilling new chapter of Secret World Legends.

Grab your passport, book your flights, and buckle up. You’re about to to go on one hell of a ride.

Welcome to South Africa. Coming April 4th, 2018.

Watch the reveal trailer here:


Yes. This is going to be amazing.


can’t. stop. watching. trailer…

and now also reading every South African folk tale I can find

yep, the hooks have sunk deep in this one :face_with_monocle::thinking:


Looks great. Can’t wait!


Wondering if there is going to be some South Africa pop culture references, like Neill Blomkamp movies and Die Antwood.


Aww yes! South Africa is going to be awesome… now just gotta fix my subtitle issue on 21:9 screen!

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‘Hurry Up!’
‘I can’t find the other arm…’
Never change, Funcom.
So ready for this.


Oh, and here I really thought we’d check in on the Phoenicians or the SoS :smiley:
(Didn’t really consider the Morninglight to be a faction up until now)

Really hyped!
Liking the vibe of the trailer - and the hyenas! 0/
(I just yey’d out loud about the prospect of being an undercover agent; until my boyfriend reminded me that could mean lots of sabotage missions :grimacing: ok, bring it on with your new Cost of Magic s and Bank Heist s! :persevere: :joy:)


A day in the life of your average Cultist :joy:


South Africa.

I did guess Tunisia and the Phoenicians, but this does explains all those shipments from Egypt (Angels & Demons). Now to go back and read all the ML references!

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Really looking forward to this.


Yes yes Yes! Can’t wait

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4th of April he? Dan I better hurry up with the story.

Looking really good.

Really excited about this. The Morninglight have made for some of the best and creepiest content in the game so far. I’m also hoping that the curfew mentioned in the trailer will be an actual mechanic. Mobs who are friendly to you during the day attacking you if they spot you at night? A man can dream. Either way, dark days are coming, and I can’t wait!


Will it be for any level 50, or will there be a target IP for it?

-SA was one of my top predictions and I don’t mind that we’re going there. If there’s asset reuse, the trailer so far makes it look like there was smart reuse.
-A zone that’s clearly cheaper to make (especially compared to Tokyo; but we may not see a Tokyo scale project unless the game really picks up), yet there’s flashes of some more complex setpieces and missions. And if this indeed is just the start of a 2018-2019(?) plan, cool. Its probably a single zone region, but I do hope a 2-3 zone region is intended later; South Africa can work as a great prelude to something new though.
-I enjoy the atmosphere. A cult? An expanded version of the Kingsmouth camp and an active version of the Kaidan base? Lets do it.
-Great to see returning character(s?). The voices and scenes shown, or rather edited for a trailer, look like they’ll be quite fine and may progress an interesting storyline.
-Its a new chapter! This can mean new levels, new features, new challenges; and whether now or sooner, other new content related to it! Does Funcom intend on a dungeon for this zone? A lair? A scenario location? Something new? The main story and various missions are just the start of what they can do with this.

-SA isn’t my ideal pick. Maybe I like it more than Congo, but I was weirdly warming up to Tampa. And indeed I do hope Scotland happens someday.
-Might be a ‘mini-zone’. Smaller than any zone, yes even the sub-zones of a region. This isn’t terrible to me as long as there’s more coming, like another location, by the end of the year. If not, the let-down will sap enthusiasm.
-Some of the trailer looks like the zone might be quite… weak. Technically. Flat and open to reduce complexity. Potentially bad lighting. Potentially cut corners on buildings, npcs, cutscenes, level design. While this all looks like real content, this also may end up being a shadow of the quality and enjoyment of previous content. Hopefully this isn’t the case, because while Tokyo has its issues that stopped people from progressing in TSW or is even stopping them now, I’d say it quality of content when taken as a full package is better than at least any other zone (save for Kingsmouth nostalgia or Savage Coast love?) or maybe even region. It’d be a shame to follow that up with something not just more limited (this is expected) but weaker than ever before.
-Its going to be a dampener on enthusiasm if this is just a minor main story addition plus less missions than ever, with no intention to add more, and no lair, no dungeon coming, etc. It’ll be a ‘guess they added story, now buy aurum for the related cache’ and that’s it. If instead they intend on a dungeon and adding it alongside the return of old ones (Elite) though, that’s cool.

How substantial this update is (and maybe what is planned for later April, May, June, if we want to wrap that together) will determine a lot. If its small - I don’t anticipate it’ll be tiny - then more good stuff better come Summer to Fall at latest. If its large enough, then I’m fine with Funcom using Summer just for polishing and returning the rest of old content (Elites, weapons, faction missions and such) before Fall-Winter brings more good new stuff. Will this be evidence of cut corners and thus just a place for current addicts to the game to have more reason to stick around, or will it be a great addition that can allow old players to return and new players to find reason to join?

Lets seeee.

A new dawn, a new day.

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I have a list of countries/zones I want to visit in TSW/SWL, and S. Africa is one of them, so I’m pretty happy about the reveal…a hell of a lot better than Tunisia! Even better, we’re going to learn more about the Morninglight, as they’re the most mysterious group in the game imo, aside from the druid and unnamed factions roaming around Venice. We’ll have to see where it all goes, but I’m more optimistic about it than I was yesterday.

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Guest appearance by Seether!


You have all of my every excite! :smiley:


squees!!! ZOMG! :south_africa:

:star2: Morninglight! :star2:

Oh, man, this is SO EXCITING! :heart_eyes_cat:

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