Calling all, Legend/Research Specialists RE: Season 2 Trailer

I mentioned on Twitter earlier that I am dying for a good thread full of Lore/Legend/Research folks about what we can possibly glean from the Season 2 announcement and trailer. We have a thread about the announcement, we have a thread about what we want/hope to see based on the old Everything is True trailer, we have speculation about the way the content will roll out…

…but I’m super curious for consolidated thoughts specifically about both previous ingame Lore/Legends about The Morninglight and Africa, and also research based on the trailer. (example: I’m looking up a lot about hyena folklore from Africa right about now and replaying the Morninglight-related missions.) I’m not looking for talk about the other topics - if it’ll be “good” etc.

What are you finding in game that refers to things mentioned in the trailers/announcements, what are you finding in research that might also relate?

[Edit: Mods, if this should be in Horned God, I’m sorry. My brain still thinks of that as straight RP, not OOC research stuffs. I’m not sure if it should be moved or not, but if so sorry again and no worries!)

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I will start - not with a different screenshot I’ve already posted, but one from the trailer that’s kinda blink and you miss it. Some of the things in this shot are rather familiar, yes? (Also, if this is already a spoiler thread, I’m not sure if we need to blur everything or not?

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i’ve been linking these all over the sanctuary channel ever since the trailer came out (as am sure some there will attest to), but here are the names to wikipedia articles on two of the critters shown in the trailer. interesting how they’re both from the congo…

spiders: Jba_Fofi
pteradon: Kongamato

(might come back and edit these into the full links as soon as i’m able to. forgot i’m just a forum newbie all over again)

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Now I find it super interesting that both those two creatures are common in the Congo. Although it makes sense to create mobs that you’ll use again in another zone later…

Speaking of the trailer bits, I was freeze-framing it a lot. It’s interesting that the Morninglight are pushing Orochi style childcare facilities now - what loose threads do we have in that department? Besides Anima of course (we know she went to Tokyo, but never actually saw her there).

There’s not a huge amount of lore shown within the trailer, I might assume that its because we’re within a camp and its focused on the Morninglight. But I’m wondering if - on the topic of nutters and horrors - if any allusion would be made to either the Ngcobo cult or The Aversion Project. They might be too recent for Funcom to want to reference them however. There is more chance they’d be using some of these:

By the way, did people figure out all the codes that were in the “Places we will not be” map?


I don’t know why…but I get a “character select” background vibe from this image

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Don’t actually have that many existing links to South Africa in game that I know of: We know that Berihun, believed to be a ML agent, was redirecting shipments from the Prometheus Project in Egypt to Cape Town. We know that John Copley, now the Black Signal, lived in South Africa prior to joining the ML|FNF|Filth.

There’s an agent mission (Tier 3, “Higher Education”) mentioning some missing computers from an educational charity in South Africa, but I haven’t actually sent an agent to investigate further.

We have a few more connections to the Congo: According to KG, Deus Sol Invictus didn’t stop their pilgrimage from Rome in Egypt, and may have ended up in the Congo. Several references in this lore about the cargo ship on the KD docks.

  • Nzadi o Nzere: The river that swallows all rivers, is a local name for the Congo river (and origin of the former name for the country, Zaire).

  • Heart of Darkness: A classic novella involving a trip into the Congo

  • The obvious bit at the end “A dark bend in the Congo.” with the deep well and the voice.

That lore seems to strongly imply a source for the apes and other fungal filth on the KD docks. (I don’t recall seeing any known fungals in the teaser trailer. Maybe the glowing hyenas.) Lilith seems to have met Marquard there. I recall some suggestion that the bomb was shipped via Cape Town, but I can’t seem to source that just yet.


feel kind of bad doing this, but felt it might be better to just make a new post with the article links instead of just edit the above one and have that get missed, so…


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Thank you! These were two of the things I was googling around trying to figure out the other day, but not knowing the right terms to search makes it tougher.

Yeah, I remember a lot of folks being very certain we’d be going to the Congo. I wasn’t 100% sure myself, but if you’d made me make a guess that owuld have been mine!

Also, I feel weird linking this shot again, but one of the reasons I was excited about this line of dialogue back in Kingsmouth is

a few players have wondered if we’re going back in time to check out the literal origins of the Morninglight. The “When we finish it,” bit Che says here would make me suspect not.


I kept running into this image when I was trying to search for info on the birds in the trailer. Is super neat image but the only site I seem to be able to find talking about it is ShukerNature: BIRD-HEADED FISH-MEN AND PIG-RIDING MAN-BEASTS - MORE PERPLEXING PORTRAYALS FROM THE CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC and a bunch of pinterest pages…so I can’t seem to verify if this is even legit an accurate thing. (Also they are not the trailer’s birdmen, just if this is a legitimate thing I’d be curious if we’ll see these, too?)

Consider these two grabs from the video (both images manipulated for greater clarity): the first one shows a pile of dismembered hyena parts, and the second a circular trophy display of body parts, including a single pig’s head, several gazelle heads and lots of human limbs. Strong hints of an Island of Doctor Moreau plotline?


I’m giving an opinion that might just be the opposite of this topic but i wanna know.
What’s wrong with being surprised, you’re gonna know it all in a few weeks so why do extensive research, you’re basically spoiling yourselves right now. Unless you want these “AHA !” moments when you recognise an element to be one of those you found while researching.

Personnally i love being surprised and sometimes i dumb myself a little just for the joy of being easily impressed or shocked, makes the content feel more intense and unwasted.

I based my suspicion that cape town was the shipping port for congo stuff on: It would be the most reasonable choice if you need a big harbour to ship from central/south africa to tokyo.

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It’s partly this, and partly that I used to love watching the Lore Bees speculate on the old forums. <3 I think as long as you’re going about it as trying to learn more about the area, and looking at the clues already in game you may have missed instead of with an “OMG they have to do this thing or do it this way” expectation it’s mostly just a way to pass time and be excited about upcoming content. I totally get why it wouldn’t be that way for everyone, though.

(Edit - and you’re fine. I mostly put that warning up there bc I’m trying to consolidate info and stay on topic for ease of comparing notes. People were sharing info in the main thread, it was just getting lost amid all the other posts. Perfectly fair to ask this once.

Also, @Silentarius explained better than I did. I’m barely awake after not enough sleep, heh.)

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I think you’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick, at least as far as the motivation of lore posters is concerned. It’s not primarily, or even very much at all, about trying to guess what is to come; it’s more the largely intellectual pleasure of studying, analysing and trying to make sense of a complicated, often confusing and almost always fragmented plot. Nothing in TSW/SWL is ever quite as it seems, and explanations are almost never simple or even forthcoming…


A possibly more convenient and closer port of shipment might have been Delgoa Bay (now Maputo Bay) in Mozambique. I guess it would have depended on the state of the overland connection - probably far from brilliant and not particularly safe either way!

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Just based on ‘rule of cool’, Mozambique beats South Africa by a mile. And dangerous overland journey? SIGN ME UP! But oh well, we gots what we gots, lets see how it plays out. :slight_smile:

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That would have been needlessly complicating the world design, though.

We learned at one stage that the Morninglight is getting interesting stuff shipped to South Africa, we know the Morninglight had a … complicated relationship … with somebody high up in Orochi, a company that was getting stuff shipped out of Africa.

South Africa makes perfect sense as a single zone that can follow up on all these facts.


Sorry this post is long and disjointed. Just throwing everything I can think of at the wall (though I didn’t comb through everything in Transylvania or Kaidan, so there could be more stuff there).

Pretty sure I remember Scriv mentioning Dr. Moreau before, so references are within the realm of possibility. The hyena bits could be for anything from splicing, to research, to leftovers (what makes them glow? does it help ease brainwashing? omnomnom). I did just notice they have horns, though, so that’s fun. I feel like the humanoid-proportioned not-pterodactyls lend more to the Moreau idea, if they’re created rath–…rather than…local myths. I just had a thought and will get to it later.

The other display is a sun mural, mounted on a wall (I initially thought it was on the floor). It actually has multiple pig heads, and I’m inclined to think those are goat heads (horns seem too thin to be gazelles). Also, some of the legs are from Familiar models (implying either that they also make and take apart Familiars, or just implying that they’ve had to, say, sew a foot onto a leg and suchlike when they accidentally got overzealous while harvesting). I wouldn’t call it a trophy display, not quite. It’s a sign of the cult’s pseudo-religious fervor. A transformative work, elevating those who joined but began to doubt. A shrine. See the similarities between it and what one of the named members has done (from the Morninglight lore):

Seeking alternate subject. Initiate analysing scan: Betty.

We like Betty. She is a plump sweetling, with a big smile. Betty once had self-image problems, but she overcame them. A Morninglight poster decorates her wall. Much-read pamphlets sit in her bathroom. Philip Marquard’s audio book on self-actualisation plays in her earphones. Fresh signatures fill the forms on her clipboard. Bottles of Morninglight dietary supplements and nutrient pills fill her medicine cabinet. By her bed is an autographed picture of Philip Marquard, the one she secretly kisses before going to sleep. Every night she dreams of freeing herself from her mortal shell and ascending into the cosmos to soar with the whale-mollusk gods.

There are new recruits chained to Betty’s walls. She has their signatures. They tested as having self-image problems, as she once had. Smiling, she tells them they are all beautiful. She opens them with a knife, shows them the beauty inside. “Look!” she says, tears streaming. “We are all made of stars!” Then she practises eating stars, waiting for enlightenment to take hold.

Oh hey, it’s what Cassini was alluding to in her dialogue! I mean, there’s probably more of these, and individuals all over the place…but it’s a specific example to point to so she can say “I told you so.”

Average global response time for a Morninglight representative to hit a forum thread discussing trigger topics like unemployment, depression, economic uncertainty, is forty-five minutes. We looked into it, and there’s no spambots, no automation. That means thousands of manual searches and responses. Hello, crazy cult. And still Morninglight are filed under “not an issue” on our grand plan, even though our spooks are all hello, red flag, red flag.

In the tent prayer area, there are displays of the paintings of Marquard (as seen in My Bloody Valentine), which folks are worshipping in front of. As you do.

Can anyone tell what is wrong with the poster? There’s white around the black, making me think it’s scratches/tears and dirt…but it could also be burned, or Filthy.

It’s hard to say exactly how much the ML knows about us–they do have the internet (at least for those who actively scour the internet for recruits), and I suspect the higher-ups might be allowed to keep up with worldly goings-on, despite the general isolation they push (from the ML lore; see also FNF in general):

Radical cells organise violent protests, terrorist acts, and aggressive rituals nurture chaos and uncertainty, to drive people away from the established institutions and into their loving arms.

However, they do have the beginnings of information on us even before the news–via the personality test, evidence of what they have on the tablet, and the turn-in for Obstructive Persons:

The mansion on the hill looks so surreal, like it’s on the border between existing in this world and the Dreaming Prison. The shrubbery enhances that. I’m inclined to bet that’s Marquard’s place.

There are regular filth-puppy guardians inside the cavernous area, which could be the dungeons we see later in the video. Other possibilities…it might lead to the Dreamer Marquard has been in contact with? Or maybe it’s just Marquard’s basement. Or both! Also from the lore:

The patriarch, Philip, handsome and earnest of smile. His wife, Elisa, equally photogenic. Their two children - Alexandre and Kathrine, eight and eleven years old, pretty little replicas of their parents. And, of course, there is a beautiful, purebred dog. A lovely portrait. But the photo album pages are stuck together with blood and worse. Down in the basement…
It also could be where they’re keeping the artifacts they’ve been shipping from Transylvania and Egypt (and elsewhere?).

Any idea what the symbols on these tiles are? The bottom one is obviously a sun, but I’m not good at recognizing real-world influences.

The child’s area @Gryph posted–I am 99.9% certain the crate box model they used is Red Hand. (They have old wooden box models that don’t have a tiny, faded, Red Hand symbol on the bottom-right corner of each side. Thus, I must assume every use of it is deliberate. ;P)

Okay, so, if our new fun flying mobs are, in fact, created from people…it could be what Che was alluding to (both more figuratively and literally than I expected, given my personal butterfly tangent):

The Morninglight is about change, about improvement, about shedding our shells and, you know, sprouting wings. Like a motherf*cking butterfly, my friend.

See also: the FNF propaganda:

Isn’t it time to let go? Isn’t it time to soar?