Morning Light Beliefs

What exactly do they believe? There’s scattered fragments but does anyone have a more fuller picture?

A very short version if a bit abstract maybe They believe the Dreamers will bring about a new dawn, and as such wanna see them freed from their prisons

For the majority of the morninglight adherent around the world, it’s a self-actualisation religion, based on the idea that mankind is stagnating spiritually and that a new dawn is possible throught the teachings of Marquard. They teach that you are not to be restrained by your body, age, origin, or any social and biological construct, and that everyone is wonderful (you are all made of stars!). Which explain the success of this sect around the world. For those truly in the known, the morninglight is an organisation knowing about the dreamers, gaia, etc… They think that the dreamers dreamed the whole world, trapped and hungry. They preach metamorphosis of the body and the mind through the supernatural powers of this world, and wants to wake the dreamers and become like them. Eaters of light.


Sounds about right. Indeed they know that the Dreamers dream reality.

But what about the Penthouse convo with Lilith, “This is what they think birds look like,” that their manifestation isn’t what we are used to seeing throws a wrench in the works.

are you asking, if they dream reality, why do they not know what birds look like? I don’t quite follow you.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it was more complicated then everyone just speaking the full truth.

My take has always been that the Morning Lights recruits the alienated, disaffected, and “losers” with the promise of a new order where they will no longer be on the bottom. Marquard seeks to release the dreamers in order to wipe out this reality and create a new one where he will be given power and control.

You understood perfectly. Don’t underestimate yourself.

To that end Kennehan it seems Morninglight are recruiting from the downtrodden and alienated because they are easily-susceptible to suggestions and indoctrination, all because those kinds of people wanted to belong to something and feel more important than the rest of the world gives them credit for. Though in some cases they “recruit” celebrities and VIPs so they can plant the seeds in the upper echelons, most of their recruitment is basically easily-manipulated cannon fodder.

True perhaps, but that’s not what I’m asking. I am asking what do they believe? What is the tenets of their religion?

Sure Marquard wishes to become a Dreamer but what of the lower rungs? Do they know they worship entities of the outer dark? Do they know what the outer dark even is? Do they believe the Dreamers are ‘good’?

From what I’ve seen, they mostly have a survival of the fittest mentality with the whole motto “Eat lest you be eaten”. Is the Mourninglight a religion of self-worship like LaVeyan Satanism? Do they genuinely revere the Dreamers or simply hold them up as examples of what they can become? Is the Mourning light theistic or atheistic?

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The lower rungs of the Morninglight have little or no clue as to what is actually going on. They will not have even heard of the Dreamers, nor do they worship any specific entities.

From the view of outsiders and those who have just joined the Morninglight it is barely even a religion.
It looks more like a new-ageish self-help program that teaches vague promises of becoming a better person and helping to remake the world into something better by doing as your superiors in the Morninglight says.

Only the innermost circle would actually know of the Dreamers - everyone else in there is just a deluded tool.


Morninglight, not Mourninglight; they’re bright and cheery, promoting good feelings and into how awesome the dawn and the sun are. The lower rungs don’t seem to have any idea what a Dreamer is. They quite possibly have no idea they are sun worshipers, and if they do know they are sun worshipers, they don’t realize the sun they worship is black.

The “eat lest you be eaten” bit is literal, and might even describe their ‘salvation’ path. Deep down, eating, especially of light, is fundamental to the Morninglight. The meditations of the Fear Nothing Foundation were all about eating light. One of the Ascended talks about how she opened herself to that idea and started understanding it. Marquard created hungry hyena demons that eat light and make it glow out their spots, he’s captured Aigamuxa that eat human flesh, he’s turned some of his followers into cannibals, and pacted with a race of former-humans that transformed into kongmato after eating a corrupted dinosaur in a cave when they were starving. The Morninglight are becoming closer to the Dreamers that way, who eat stars.

It’s not clear to me if the inner circle of the Morninglight are trying to be like Dreamers, worship Dreamers, work with the Dreamers or what, but they recognize the Dreamers exist, so it’s probably counted as theistic. They talk about all the light eating as if it’s profoundly joyous, so they must think the Dreamers ar good-ish.

The lower rungs haven’t got a clue about any of this.


The Morning Light are a hodge-podge of beliefs taken from every fringe religion and cult for the last hundred or so years. You get Jonestown (New Dawn), Heavens Gate (who were the ‘brains’ behind the term and concept of The Level Above Human), Scientology (this suffuses the Religion top to bottom, with analogs for E-Meters, Clearing, Supressive Personalities, the various Levels, things get REALLY creepy when you think about Scientology recruitment tactics and then think about ‘Eating Stars’), modern Satanism, PLENTY of Prosperity Gospel crap, an elite Washing D.C. cult known as ‘The Family’, the metaphysical madness that was Jack Parsons, The Manson Family (hello, Che!), The Process Church Of The Final Judgement and so very, very many more.

At the lowest levels they believe literally anything. If you wander in with it stuck in your head, it’s all good, as long as you are a good little worker Bee (:grin:) As you go onward and upward, you start to see elements of the Prosperity Gospel and The Family beginning to make appearances. Much more competition and Social Darwinism coming into play.
You end in the terrifying weirdness that was the extreme edge of reality, along with Parsons, The Process, and Heavens Gate.


A most interesting post, JOrifice! And mostly correct, to the extent that I can see at least…

Ah, Parsons! A tragic figure rather than an evil one, I’d say… Didn’t he bring the Americans to the surface of the moon? Together with Wernher von Braun of course. I fail to see his direct relevance to the Morning Light though; would you care to elaborate?

I know that L. Ron Hubbard took his wife, and later his life savings. Iirc Hubbard used that money to purchase a ship, and start the Church of Scientology.

The Process Church seems remarkable, but rather innocent to me. Am I mistaking? “Let the sheep and the goat unite!” — how could Jesus have disagreed to that? We actually named one of our characters after De Grimston. But I know most of what I know of them, from the documentary Charles Manson Superstar, in which they were mentioned as some forerunner / inspiration.

I was mostly thinking of the larger ‘Conspiracy World’ with both Parsons and the Process. They have entered into this web of, what can only be termed, ‘Esoteric Madness’. The stories of the things Parsons got up to are LEGENDARY. The Babylon Working ( is a nice place to start. From there take a nice long dive down the Rabbit Hole and you will find some wonderfully crazy things! There was even a rather nasty (I will not link to it here, as it was the BAD kind of crazy) story making the rounds linking the Working to Hilary Clinton. The Working was supposed to conjure an ancient Goddess, incarnating her in the form of what Parsons called ‘The Scarlet Woman’. This is actually one of the better theories for the origins of Casandra King, at least in my opinion..
As to The Process, well, every possible crazy conspiracy ever invented has been laid at their feet, as well. One of the most interesting (and as close to impossible as anything in any video game out there, thank goodness!) has this group serving as a kind of Serial Killer Nursery. Mostly the theory goes that The Process is really a Satanic Cult that has created the greatest serial killers of the 20th century (and possibly beyond). The most common and well discussed ‘example’ is the ‘link’ between The Process, The Son Of Sam, and Charles Manson. However, the danker, darker, crazier corners of the Internet have come up with ‘proof’ that they were the secret force behind EVERYONE, from Israel Keyes to Edward Wayne Edwards.
So, I wasn’t talking ‘Real History’ there, but rather the ‘Everything Is True’ kind. Sorry for all the confusion.

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I would like to remind everyone that murder is against the tenants of Satanism. You may now continue with your theories. Thank you.

Spiritually, at the upper levels the Morninglight is basically a religion of evil, dedicated to the worship of extradimensional alien abominations that want to devour all of humanity. But we all knew that.

At the lower levels, they’re a pastiche of every notorious cult since the mid-20th century. They all generally share the same recruitment tactics: target people who feel dispossessed or otherwise at a low point in their lives, then fill their minds with a radical new worldview until they’re willing to get into orgies with the Leader and gulp down a big cup of Flavor Aid to meet the UFO coming to take them to paradise. Religious movements aren’t the only ones that have engaged in the cult-like tactics of the Morninglight; you can also see it in secular self-help movements like EST, Synanon, and NXIVM, in fringe political groups like the LaRouche movement, and in terrorist groups like ISIS.

The big influences, however, are IMO the Church of Scientology and the People’s Temple. From Scientology, you get the “mystery religion” nature where the real teachings are kept secret from new members, the treatment of dissidents and defectors (including a lot of the specific lingo they use), and the recruitment of celebrities and socialites like Rada Nastase and her parents for PR purposes. The next level up from the surface, New Dawn, is where the People’s Temple comparisons come in, with the Jonestown-like compound in a faraway country (in this case South Africa instead of Guyana).

I don’t really see much of the occult/esoteric tradition (Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky, Jack Parsons) in the Morninglight. Groups like the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Thesophical Society, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn were mystery religions, true, but they didn’t behave in the manner of modern cults that the Morninglight is inspired by; rather, they were closer to secret societies in the vein of Freemasonry, arguably more similar to the Templars, Illuminati, and Dragon than anything. The Morninglight always struck me as a bit cruder than that.

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Thanks for the elaboration.

I’m familiar with the Babalon working (not personally of course); it is either written or inspired by Aleister Crowley of who Parsons was a follower (the Thelemite school of occultism, thelema being Crowley’s own religion, based on a variety of esoteric notions). The name Babalon features prominent in Crowley’s writings, and in his Book of Thoth (the book accompanying the Tarot deck of his design) is the seal of Babalon, which can also been seen here. Parsons eventually encountered a redheaded woman who he identified as The Scarlet Woman, Marjorie Cameron, who iirc can also been seen in one of Kenneth Anger’s movies (The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, if memory serves me right). Anger was another follower of Crowley. I’ve always depicted these characters in a 1950-ish atmosphere, rather than the late 1960s milieu of the Manson Family. Anyway, I hadn’t made an association with the Secret World in general or Cassandra in particular (especially when she’s blond rather than redheaded). I will keep an eye out for this though; you might be on to something.

I did not know that about the Process Church. And you didn’t cause any confusion. Thanks again for the info and speculation, and please keep bringing it up!

Murder is also against the tenants of Christianity. That must be why noone ever murdered someone in the name of Christianity :wink:

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