Morning Light Beliefs



What exactly do they believe? There’s scattered fragments but does anyone have a more fuller picture?


A very short version if a bit abstract maybe They believe the Dreamers will bring about a new dawn, and as such wanna see them freed from their prisons


For the majority of the morninglight adherent around the world, it’s a self-actualisation religion, based on the idea that mankind is stagnating spiritually and that a new dawn is possible throught the teachings of Marquard. They teach that you are not to be restrained by your body, age, origin, or any social and biological construct, and that everyone is wonderful (you are all made of stars!). Which explain the success of this sect around the world. For those truly in the known, the morninglight is an organisation knowing about the dreamers, gaia, etc… They think that the dreamers dreamed the whole world, trapped and hungry. They preach metamorphosis of the body and the mind through the supernatural powers of this world, and wants to wake the dreamers and become like them. Eaters of light.


Sounds about right. Indeed they know that the Dreamers dream reality.


But what about the Penthouse convo with Lilith, “This is what they think birds look like,” that their manifestation isn’t what we are used to seeing throws a wrench in the works.


are you asking, if they dream reality, why do they not know what birds look like? I don’t quite follow you.


Wouldn’t be surprised if it was more complicated then everyone just speaking the full truth.


My take has always been that the Morning Lights recruits the alienated, disaffected, and “losers” with the promise of a new order where they will no longer be on the bottom. Marquard seeks to release the dreamers in order to wipe out this reality and create a new one where he will be given power and control.


You understood perfectly. Don’t underestimate yourself.