Calling all, Legend/Research Specialists RE: Season 2 Trailer



Trying to wake up and get to work, but you are amazing as always @Mel-Addams! Some of that I noticed in stream and haven’t had time to screenshot to post here, some I didn’t notice at all. xD Your noticing the crate in that shot is epic - I saw the dolls etc. from I Walk Into Empty but never would have noticed the crate! :smiley:


Likely because all of the Congo assets they had already created were recycled and reused when they decided to do South Africa instead.


Might be worth noting that the winged whatsits and the spider both sound like Filth Guardians. Maybe it’s a stand-in sound, otherwise, it could point to an origin for them.


I will die on a hill made of crates. Moriko Grey sparked my interest in them waaaay back when (via pointing out…I believe it was the pallets with the B logo on them), and it’s spiraled into an obsession with boxes (and environmental storytelling) in the game.


Only one thing I can note that I’m not sure is listed already, but the audio recordings in the Templar mission Sign of The Times:

I’m 90% sure Nick Lambe is speaking in an Afrikaans accent; just that I have an IRL friend from SA with the same last name who sounds quite similar :slight_smile: Also it’s just a great set of soundbytes there, well done by the voice actor.


Oooh, that WAS good acting, wow. And what he was talking about was 100% in line with Morninglight stuff. Sounded like he found an artifact that let him communicate with Marquard’s dreamer–but without the Morninglight indoctrination prep, he maintained his morality and knew he had to seal it.


Brilliant! Well remembered, and that is indeed an authentic-sounding South African accent. Definitely onto something here.



I just remembered an old theory (I had? someone else had? I forget) about ak’ab being people, given the human teeth in their mouths and gills. Plus, being Mayan (an older incarnation of the Morninglight), and being arguably “butterflies” (insect-like as they are, with their proboscis below their many-tongues) as per Che and the Morninglight’s entire transformation shtick. The bestiary lore for them mostly subverts this, implying they’re strictly Dreamer-created…but still. If they were “inspired” akin to the situation with the draug…


Mostly memery, but I do recall a running joke about the Atenists after the fall of their leader teaming up with the Ak’ab, riding on their backs like cavalry and changing their chants of “Aten” to “Ak’ab”. Then scenarios came out and they started their worship of the augments with “Attune, attune” where they have found another dark force left dead.

Mostly because the Ak’ab brought 20 of their friends every pull and cultists tended to swarm in large numbers in egypt.


One of the Kaidan shipping crates has an ak’ab called Lepidopteran Monarch.


So this isn’t really news as such, given we had an awareness of the sabotage in general, but uh I SURE AS HELL FORGOT THAT THE BLUE MOUNTAIN OROCHI CAMP WAS SABOTAGED BY A MORNINGLIGHT PLANT (see: Win Win, while decrypting the pen)

And here I thought it’d be funny to waltz into New Jerusalem in an Orochi uniform. Now it seems like it might not be such a bad idea…


One more thing I think hasn’t been covered yet. One of the paper scraps in the Clubhouse:

The ‘sun reaching it’s zenith.’

IE - A NEW DAWN. The implication is that this is the sort of kickoff for the Dreampocalypse.


No doubt it’s connected, but sun at the zenith would be high noon.


Now we have our Overwatch connection!

Everthing Is True!


… I best hurry up with my pistol expertise, I’m detecting gunfights in the future.


You got me to go looking around again at my FNF-related stuff, and you’re absolutely right about the Dreampocalypse. To Naonomi, from Marquard himself (and indeed, the most direct communication we’ve had from him thus far):


Plus, the ML lore:

“It is time to wake up!” the practitioners chant, but their message does not seem to be directed at one another. Where then?

I wonder if light levels will be the “reputation” we earn? From the tablet in Obstructive Persons:
Cassie–light level: 0
Dusko Biukovic–light level: 7
Rada Nastase–light level: 15
Naonomi–light level: 19
John–light level: 291 (holy crap)

Also, uh…if they offer anybody the title “Messenger”…run.


Not Sure about the signs, but it’s probably related to the 3 factions :

  • the circle is the dragon symbol (with a dragon head inside)
  • the square is the Tempalr symbol (with a cross inside)
  • the triangle is the illuminati symbol (with an eye inside)


That was my initial thought, because the triangle fits the pattern of the Lumie symbol very closely. The one that threw me off was the circle, since it looks like it has a sun symbol…and the square is kinda wibbly-wobbly (*squints* It looks like…crossed scythes? a close-but-not-quite in-between). It being faction symbols makes enough sense, but there’s a tiny bit of doubt that’ll probably sit in the back of my head until we get there. XD


I think we could have a (good) dreamer behind each factions, the most obvious one is probably for the dragon. For example in an Egyptian mission : “The beating pulse of the Filth. It echoes in the Dragon’s dreams and makes the body listless. That is why we cherish the clang and clatter of your recent destruction. It has obstructed the Filth and ravaged our enemies. More importantly, it has drowned out the quickening pulse, if only momentarily. Tonight, the Dragon dreams.”

And don’t forget the “PC Black Hole” in Seoul…

I like your idea to connect Templar & Scythes… Have you noticed that the Scythe is also the weapon we can see on templar statues ? (london park, cov entry,etc (the one with the symbol of Draculesti on the shield, an old templar cabal) :slight_smile:


That Dragon turn-in sounds like the Filth is seeping into the dreams of the metaphysical Dragon, causing it distress, and that you muting the sound of the Filth eases the Dragon. It’s hard to say if that’s Filth from a specific Dreamer, or all Filth in general. In either case, it doesn’t seem to read as a good sign. (Barring “the only way to survive to the next Age is to accept whatever changes a given Dreamer will impose, so allying with them will be a benefit if you really want to be there for that.”)

I know the statues you mean, yeah. I don’t think I’d ever pegged them as specifically Templar, but given what you’ve said and the role it plays in Digging Deeper, it makes sense.

It’s just that sun that’s still a sticking point for…uh…

*stares at door*

*stares at floor*