Why, exactly, South Africa?


I’m not looking to rain on anybody’s parade, and I look forward to the coming expansion as much as anyone. But I can’t help wondering: why, exactly, South Africa?

Every single region we have visited in the past has had heavy occult, conspiratorial and, above all, literary and fictional associations. But South Africa? I’m sure it has a rich native occult history, but it’s not exactly common knowledge. What associations does South Africa have for the average literate person? The apartheid struggle, diamonds and gold, the Boer war, continuing government corruption, grim realist novels - and that about exhausts my associations. Frankly, it sounds flat as dishwater compared to Transylvania, Egypt, Tokyo and haunted New England. And to confirm what an unlikely choice it was, I would guess that during the course of almost half a decade’s intense speculation about where book 2 would be set, South Africa was not mentioned even once. So ten out of ten for the surprise, but I repeat: why?

  • because its perfect place to set up a cult base for white people who like to wear white robes
  • because we really need sand what renders as squares


True. But that’s why I had my money riding on Antartica - the ultimate minimalist landscape…


Must have been an entirely different variety of speculation going on near you. I know several people who have been pretty much set on South Africa since they said that S2 would (probably) feature the Congo, but not as the first destination.

As for it being grim and dull, with little in the way of interesting associations… well I can’t think of any off the top of my head either, but I’ll see what the devs have come up with and probably will learn something along the way. We’ve already got some top bees dredging up interesting possibilities based on that trailer. Top bees!


The Congo, yes, absolutely - the overwhelming majority of clues in Tokyo pointed directly to the Congo (perhaps by way of a brief diversion to Antartica). But the informed speculation was that we would, precisely, be sent directly to the Congo - in which case, why waste scarce resources on a distinctly unexciting South Africa?


The fact that it is a location with a less mainstream mythology and such actually makes it more interesting to me. Can’t wait to see what they do with it.


Probably because there was a story to tell.


It’s because of Die Antwoord, we all know that.


I’m pretty sure that there is an in-game reference that Philip Marquard is currently residing in South Africa. Considering what we learn about his machinations from John and Lilith, it makes sense to go after him and eliminate the threat investigate what he’s up to.


Berihun is located in Cape Town (so not New Jerusalem but a mission can lead us there when we need to) which is in South Africa. He’s involved in the Tokyo bomb and some other shady occult business. Marquard is connected too because he’s leading the Morninglight (now both officially and officiously since Lilith is out of the picture).

Up next would be Tunisia because of the Pheonicians and what they did in the entire season 1. Orochi is still on our radar and Samaël will want to punish us for what happened in the last episode.


It’s because the universe unfolds in ways that it will and we should try and enjoy the ride.


I think BECAUSE it’s such a little explored area in terms of western supernatural narratives (Not just gaming) that it’s chosen. Like, besides Egypt, Africa as a continent has been woefully neglected as a place where stories happen and seeing how the Dev team seems to strive for diversity, not just in characters but in mythology and placement, it feels like a logical step in that regard and not just because of the importance in the actual narrative, as others above me have explained.

I… hope that train of taught made sense. (Seriously though, the entire continent of Africa needs more love in so, SO many ways.)


What, Luke Cage and Black Panther weren’t enough ? (i’m kidding, don’t beat me up, i’m out !)


My suspicion is that: We wont stick in south africa for the entirety of season 2 and while they said the ship came from congo it was more like: the cargo came from Congo and got shipped via the south africain ports, which is a major trading hub.
I further suspect that season two will look more like: South afrika, some transision zone and a grand finale in congo where the trouble has it’s source.

Basically we have a culture tour of south saharan myths and legends.


Yes, that makes sense.


Stories needn’t always follow the most obvious paths.

Also, for head-canon, at the start they sent you to places that have been ‘known elements’ for years if not centuries; where there are contacts and support in place for you. Now you’ve graduated and they’re ready to send you into ‘the unknown’.

Congratulations, you’re a Secret Pioneer!


Honestly, imo, it was probably easiest to transform “Egypt” sprites into “South Africa” sprites. Minimal effort into creating a new environment (at least that was my initial thought when I saw the teaser trailer).


It’s a bit deeper than that.
The Morninglight sect is practically a Secret World within a Secret World.
We have our own secret because of our identity-society and what we already know about them, plus our potential swarm allies (if you chose that path) and Watchers mission.
So we already have our own stuff to hide but the Morninglight is a master of deceit and endoctrinment, just as the same level as Orochi if not deeper since Marquard managed to dupe Kali (let’s use her other names for the sake of spoilers, she have plenty).


Well, that might have been the case for you, but not all.

NE: Rich in modern storytelling (Stephen King), not so much in old legends as far as my knowledge went before the game. And much of the myths there is from other places, like England (wisps), Scandinavia (Vikings, draugs, Norse gods), CA/SA (mayans), pacific NA (Sasquatch). Wendigos were location specific.

Japan: I had few to none associations with anything mythological for Japan before the game. Japan for me was Pokemon, anime and ninjas.

Frankly I like that they go with new and not too common locations, I do not need to see another take on something that’s been in every sci-fi/fantasy show the past 3 decades.


Your associations. Kindly do not lump us all in with your lack of knowledge on African culture. Thanks. Ever heard of voodoo?