Update 2.2.1 Patch Notes (Dawn of the Morninglight)


  • You’ve laid low in the limelight for long enough; now it’s time to spring into action. Time to Infiltrate the Morninglight stronghold in South Africa. Time to find answers – to find Marquard. After this long, it’s gonna take a lot to take him away from you. Dawn of the Morninglight is the free continuation of Secret World Legends’ story, set after the events of Kaidan and your ascent through Orochi Tower. If you’re done with the Tokyo storyline, you’ll receive an SMS from a mysterious sender, kicking things off. Welcome to New Dawn. Just mind the curfew, yeah?

  • The clouds have parted and the frost has thawed; it’s just sunny skies ahead from here! The Tribal Cache arrives on the scene, just in time for South Africa! The Tribal Cache replaces the Winter Cache as drops across the world.


  • Improved behavior of selecting which instance to zone into when entering a mission instance (like Horror Show) - It should no longer be possible to enter a mission instance belonging to a team you have recently left. If you are solo, you should now always get a fresh instance with no-one else in it.
  • Attempting to recover a glyph or signet with insufficient Marks of Favour will now give proper feedback instead of quietly failing.
  • Mission-specific hotbar swaps (such as the ones from Appetite for Destruction or Scrapyard Defence) can no longer be hidden by Sprint-specific hotbar swaps .
  • Sub-Type dropdown in the auction house search filters now populate without having to first select a type.
  • Adjusted the way that subtitle placement is calculated so that they should no longer appear off the bottom of the screen.
  • Adjusted the amount of Anima Shards received from missions in City of the Sun God and all three Transylvania zones.
  • Pressing Shift+R will now only cycle between the two equipped weapon slots.
  • Added missing chat channels to the Orochi Tower Lobby in Kaidan.
  • Adjusted signet icons to better fit the shape of signets.
  • Added missing Special Ability text to Flightless Reindeer.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the texture applied to some of the filth cyborgs in Kaidan.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause characters to animate incorrectly when strafing while using certain sprints.
  • Fixed a number of minor world design issues with collision, gaps, and lighting.


  • Resurrecting directly into combat (common in scenarios) will no longer prevent weapon energy from passively generating.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Fortune and Favor to display incorrect chamber locks after shifting down from red locks.
  • Fixed an issue where Chaos Paradoxes weren’t being generated in the case of critical hits or hitting Exposed enemies.
  • Fixed an issue in Carpathian Fangs where The Grey could become stuck.


  • Gear Reward Bags have been renamed to Agent Gear Reward Bags.
  • Fixed various typos and errors in agent missions and descriptions.


  • Migrated “The Unseen” achievements to the superregion categories in which the missions take place, and updated the criteria of “The Golden Ghost” to require specific regions. The achievements required for “The Golden Ghost” has not changed - this change was made so new Sabotage missions will not change the achievement requirements.
  • Fixed a typo in one of the requirements for the “Done By Dusk” achievement.


  • Added two new weapon skins for purchase: Mr. Ruffles (Elementalism) and Droid Arm (Blade).
  • Added Mountaineering glasses which were missing for male characters.
  • Added High Military boots which were missing for female characters.
  • Added a missing price to the Pinstripe suit jacket, black for male characters.
  • Removed a duplicate entry of Low cargo pants for male characters.
  • Moved the Nightmarish ragged sweater, striped from the Back category to the Chest category.
  • Fixed an issue where the Exorcist shoes would cause bodies to become invisible.
  • Fixed an issue where the Strapless blouse and corset would cause forearms to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where Goon boots, blue would appear to be red.
  • Added a missing faction insignia to the Cabalist pants for Templars.
  • Fixed a number of minor issue with clipping and gaps for various pieces of clothing.
  • Updated thumbnails that were displaying improperly for a number of clothing items.
  • Added missing source text to a number of items.

KNOWN ISSUES (As of April 6)

  • Mask of the Sleepers Brown is not unlocking when players receive the “Nightfall” Achievement. We’ll fix this in an update.

April 6, 2018 - Hotfix


  • Fixed an issue with the final encounter in Wrath of the Dawn that made it too difficult for melee players.
  • Fixed a bug that could rarely cause a player’s weapon to vanish when removing a mission-specific hotbar swap.
  • Mark Strakes has been told to stop wandering off. He ignored us, so we super-glued him to the chair.
  • Fixed invisible collision in front of the Agarthan Seoul portal.
  • Accounts that have purchased Dawn of the Morninglight Collector’s Edition can now purchase Oleg Yablaokv’s dossier from the Shadow Trafficker in Agartha.
  • Oleg Yablaokv’s dossier can now be deleted.

April 24, 2018 - Fixes

NEW DAWN (Nighttime)

  • Fixed an issue that could cause characters to be stuck in combat.
  • Re-enabled the mission A Monstrous Siege.


  • Fixed an issue that caused rewards to not be gained from Nightfall achievement.
  • Granted Nightfall achievement rewards to all players who had already completed it.

May 8, 2018


Mobs - cel Rau, the Questioner in the Besieged Farmlands will no longer pace anxiously.
Achievements - The Purge - Fixed some hyenas respawning too quickly
Combat - Signet of Agility - Active Dodges that do not go on cooldown now properly interrupt/avoid Sniper attacks.
Crafting - Fixed glyphs showing errant xp when empowering items.
GUI - Fixed a case that could cause open world boss map markers to not clean up when the boss died.
AI - Improved behavior of a small set of monsters who do not move during combat (Neesh-Um, Research Assistant in The Ankh, and more). These monsters will now behave more intelligently and drop out of combat less easily.


  • Fixed a typo in the title “Unstoppable” that made it look like “Shadow Puppeteer”.
  • Jane Dagover will no longer sell you duplicate titles.

Agent Network

  • Mission chain progress is now retained when relogging or changing zones.
  • Fixed bonus rewards appearing with mis-matched traits. This is purely a visual change, actual rewards unchanged.
  • Dossiers purchased from Dr Caligari in Agartha can now be sold back for a full refund.



New England

  • Off the Menu - Fixed a case where Silent Trickster could become permanently invisible and unattackable.
  • Maine Chainsaw Massacre
    ** Fixed some zombies not counting towards mission progress.
    ** Updated to use improved hotbar and weapon swapping tech.
    ** A visual and gameplay pass have been performed to improve both the look and feel.


  • Black Sun, Red Sand - It should no longer be possible to lose your story mission when entering Scorched Desert for the first time.
  • A Time To Every Purpose - Fixed a desync when crafting.
  • The Eye of the Dream for Tainted Dreams in Scorched Desert can no longer be used if you are on the goals to find or defend Hassan Kamil (Black Sun, Red Sand).
  • In the Dusty Dark - Fixed torches not being interactive after dying.


  • Root of the Problem - Moved map marker to more accurately match the quest area.
  • Selected Memories - The Type-X Reckless guarding the Secret documents in Selected Memories can be baited away from his post once again.
  • Korinto-Kai - Assault markers will now appear for the mini-mart defense.
  • Access Denied - Will now be properly removed from your journal when leaving the area.

South Africa

  • Pausing and resuming “Whitewashing” or “Vermin Cleanup Detail” will now cause the objects at the job board to properly respawn.
  • Whitewashing - Pausing and resuming will now cause the cleaning supplies to properly respawn.
  • Vermin Cleanup Detail - Pausing and resuming will now cause the objects at the job board to properly respawn.
  • Into the Fold - Improved French and German translations in Kirsten Geary’s SMSs.
  • The Ankh - Jumping to the platform at the entrance of will now properly update Pandora’s Box and Pandora’s Box Revisited.
  • The Polaris - The Varangian will no longer permanently electrify the water if killed too quickly.


  • Hostile Snipers
    ** The grace period while a player character will not be targeted by a sniper is now visible in the buff tray, and is called Low Value Target.
    ** Low Value Target - Increased duration to 22 seconds.
    ** Low Value Target - Avoiding a sniper shot via Active Dodge further increases the duration of Low Value Target to 32 seconds.
    ** Damage now scales with both the player’s Max HP, and the difficulty level of the scenario. Snipers can no longer 1-shot player characters.
  • Friendly Snipers - Damage done increased by 25%.
  • The Castle - Fixed supply crates sometimes spawning outside playable bounds
  • Fixed a case where mutated monsters and bosses would not appear on the map
  • Fixed a case where mutated monsters and bosses would not be removed from the map after death
  • Supply Drop - Bear Arms - Fixed blank message displayed when attempting to arm a Survivor with a weapon, but there are no unarmed Survivors in range.
  • The Hotel - Improved rubble collision to prevent IEDs being placed underneath rubble.


  • The damage from Vulkan’s Cryo Tank Release will now properly line up with the visuals.
  • Kaidan - Lair mission pickups are now displayed on the map.

May 17, 2018


  • Stationary enemies who cast onto a random target will no longer promote that target to “tank”. This fixes the Archaean Seismocratist swapping targets after casting Flame Lash.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies who were supposed to perform a special attack on non-tanks would erroneously select tanks while there were other valid targets.


First Anniversary Event: June 20 - July 17
You’re invited to the party! Take on the Talos of Gaia in Secret World Legends’ first anniversary spectacular! Claim new daily event login rewards, beat up some piñatas, dig through the exclusive Anniversary Cache, and discover brand-new Legends! The festivities begin June 20th and run through July 17. Just don’t spike the Gatekeeper’s punch!

Learn more here!

Refer a Friend!
In the secret war against the supernatural, it’s dangerous to go alone. The Refer-a-Friend system is now available! You’ll be rewarded for inviting friends to join the fun, including Anima Shards and Distillates to pump up your weapons and gear. Recruit multiple friends to earn even more, including Cache Keys and the exclusive “Grim Glamour: Vampire” outfit!

Learn more here!

June 20, 2018


  • South Africa - New Dawn - Social pets will no longer attempt to attack the Day Shift Manager.
  • Pets - Bird pets will no longer prevent interacting with nearby objects, vendors, auctioneers, etc
  • Emotes - Added animation stance variations while sitting on the ground or seated on furniture (chairs, benches, etc). These variations can be accessed through the Emote Window > Stances.
    • Seated: Crossed Arms - default
    • Seated: Crossed Legs
    • Seated: Crossed Arms And Legs
    • Seated: Waiting
    • Seated: Elegant (skirt friendly!)
    • Sitting: Attentive - default
    • Sitting: Lookout
    • Sitting: Relaxed


  • TSW Legacy - Added Suit Pants, Black to the Dressing Room for players who had this clothing transferred from The Secret World. This clothing has the same appearance as Spy Tux - Pleated tuxedo pants, black - Secret World Legends players can obtain the Spy Tux version.
  • TSW Legacy - Players who had the old Deck Uniforms transferred from TSW (e.g. Magus, Crusader, Exorcist, etc. ) can now access these via the Dressing Room.
  • TSW Legacy - Fixed TSW Deck Uniforms being wearable by the wrong faction.


  • The Great Jinn Escape - Typo fixes


  • Victor Cromely success text fits in Mission Report
  • Special Agent Dossier: Faction Recruit and Agent Dossier: Aliya Zehhar are now able to be sold to vendors.


  • True Believer - Fixed a case where it was possible to not get the achievement when reaching exactly 1000 points
  • True Believer - Fixed a case where it was possible to not get the achievement when leaving the zone before the overseer finished talking


  • Events - Effigy O33 Reconstructor no longer has collision with players
  • Events - Effigy O33 Reconstructor’s Health has been doubled, and it now has innate damage reduction
  • Events - Effigy O33 Reconstructor increased healing done by 10%


June 22, 2018


  • Anniversary Daily Login rewards can now be claimed on each character on an account.
  • Anniversary 2018 Cache now has a unique icon.
  • Characters are now required to purchase the magic wave emote from the emote UI before they can use it.
  • Removed errant Happy Anniversary banner that was half in-half out of a portal it really shouldn’t have been.
  • Tweaked the Gatekeeper’s Health to improve the encounter.
  • To prevent server load problems in the future, Agartha is now hard-capped at 100 players per instance. The soft-cap remains unchanged at 80 players.
  • Fixed 10 minute cooldown for The Gatekeeper reward not properly applying.
  • Fixed sometimes not getting loot from The Beehemoth.
  • Museum of the Occult - Custodial Anima Infuser is now available for purchase from Dr Caligari.


June 28, 2018


  • The Shem of Technology is now correctly granted.
  • Buzz Bumblepup is no longer character-bound. Be free, pupper!
  • Fixed formatting in Talos of Gaia Legends.
  • Custodial Anima Infuser is now character-bound and cannot be purchased again after completing its corresponding Museum pedestal.

July 12, 2018


  • Dapper Buzz has proper Back item icon.
  • Dapper Buzz faction clothing items will now drop properly for players that transferred clothing from TSW.
  • Resolved an issue where receiving the Agitated Shard was not unlocking the Talos of Gaia Legend #11.
  • Gatecrasher achievement will grant Shem of Rage as a reward.
  • Adjusted the value of the bounty on the heads of all characters who have finished Confrontations and Revelations. Bounty Hunters are now less likely to underestimate their target’s ridiculous getup. I mean come on, they’ve got guns, and you’re wearing a BUNNY hat…
  • Wearing a bunny hat does not make Bounty Hunters more likely to attack

August 1, 2018


Time to move on up, agent. Faction Ranking Missions are now available from Paragon Activity Boards in Agartha. You must be Level 50, have completed the Tokyo storyline, and have a minimum Item Power of 250 in order to embark on your tasks. New rewards await!

A new mission is now available in New Dawn, titled “Public Enemy Number One”. Who’s been keeping an eye on you in the New Dawn compound? Once you complete “Things That Go Bump in the Night”, return to your quarters and look for a little somethin’ someone left for you.


The Dragon faction mask introduced in today’s update is a different color than what has been advertised on the blog and social media. The current ingame version is a brighter green and will be made into the more olive-colored green in a future update.


  • Agarthan Cache is now available again! Acquire missing items from your collection!
  • Fixed character skin textures


  • Magus and Gunslinger outfit pieces awarded by the respective achievement can again be worn by all factions. The legacy single-piece uniforms are unchanged.

Known Issue:

  • Everyone can hear your phone calls for Venetian Missile Crisis. :wutface:

August 6, 2018


  • Players who have completed Venetian Missile Crisis have been awarded the additional Agent Network slot.
  • Dragon faction mask’s color has been made to match outfit more closely.


  • Agents - Faction Quartermasters
    • Special Dossiers can now be properly uploaded.
    • It is no longer possible to get extra unusable copies of this bound item.


  • New Dawn - Espionage - The Signal Tracker can again be used to track down the spy.
  • Faction Missions - Bosses have been rebalanced at higher difficulties: health has been reduced, and damage increased
  • Venetian Missile Crisis
    • Mission can no longer get stuck by killing the Hi-Tech Rocket Specialist too early.
    • Fixed a case where another player's phonecalls were able to be heard.
    • Fixed the 4th agent network slot not unlocking properly after completion.
    • Gas Canister damage now scales with difficulty.

AUGUST 20, 2018


  • The News page has been re-enabled with the daily login window.


  • Agent Vanity Rewards bag will now give anima shards if you do not get an unowned unique reward.


  • Rocket Launcher
    • Rocket Launcher abilities are now affected by Anima Allocation.
    • Increased damage of Rocket Launcher abilities when at 100% Damage allocation.
    • When at 90% Damage, 10% Survivability, damage remains roughly unchanged.
    • Pop Shot's chance to knock down enemies now scales with Damage Anima Allocation, and has been increased to a 90% knockdown chance at 100% allocation.
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