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They’re aware (according to discord) that the bosses might need some adjustments at higher difficulties, but they also want (some of) these fights to be a bit longer.

I saw one person mention on discord that they beat the hard mode version of Rogue Agent and the boss fight alone took half an hour…

I understand why they’d want some to be longer. In missions where you can get away with killing three or four critters, one high HP dude’s not too bad! At this stage, I would consider E10 of Rogue Agent but won’t touch E10 Missile Crisis cuz ain’t no body got time for that :slight_smile:

I’ve no idea what’s involved in the achievement version but the boss in Rogue Agent was the most reasonable of the three missions at e9, since he had about a third of the health that bosses did in Missile Crisis and Car Park of Shenanigans. I quit Missile Crisis halfway through and did it on e4 instead - it was no more difficult on e9, just much more time consuming.

Also, I’d like to suggest making these missions playable in groups. It’s a multiplayer game, you should be getting rid of the “solo instance” stuff, not adding more. :v: Seriously, all the missions that casual players find the most frustrating turn out to be the ones they can’t be helped through and that’s really annoying.

[PvE] Please make E1+ versions of the new scalable missions. I feel like SWL established the expectation that the story is fairly casual and accessible to everyone, and the new missions don’t follow this by requiring higher gear levels.

Probably everyone who has made it through South Africa have better than E1 gear, but I feel like casual players could easily fall short of the gear requirements for the Shambala mission. Let players choose their rewards and grind if they want, using the same design approach dungeons have.


[PvE][Faction Missions] I have literally no idea why Funcom went with “total drag by design” here. Are you trying to scare off the legitimately new players who actually were looking for the story-focused game that’s not as tedious to play as TSW the relaunch was supposed to - and at least in parts, did - attract?

At the bare minimum, these need a story mode for the audience SWL is allegedly targeting. Not that I believe Funcom on that anymore, myself.

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Update 2.2.1 Patch Notes (Dawn of the Morninglight) Yis

/option GUIResolutionScaling - should not undo other settings, like positioning of windows.

/reloadui - should not undo GUIResolutionScaling

[PvE][Feedback] Thank you for adding the Shambala off switch to Rogue Agent. That’s the most fun I’ve had playing SWL in a while! Reminded me a lot of soloing the first boss in Elite Manufactory :smiley:

The ‘Miscellaneous Scale’ slider doesn’t cover the text you see at the bottom of the screen when people are randomly chatting, like in New Dawn. Or, when your bracelet is explaining…itself, as it were. It should.

Plus, we need moar sliders. :grin:

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The ‘height’ of chat tabs in the chat window don’t adjust themselves vertically (possibly even horizontally?) based on the font you are using (from Fonts.xml).

On the character select screen:

  1. allow us to move the list of characters around, or keep it pushed way more to the left at higher resolutions, because it’s right up against the character as it is now.

  2. add a scaling slider to that and all the other buttons and stuff on the screen.

Can you also please allow us to select what font our character name is displayed in. Thank-you.

Coloroptions/Recolors of weapons so there is more option to find a matching weapon for an outfit.

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[PvE] In Scenarios…please make the locusts delayed triggering…insta triggers can go so horrible wrong with not a huge fault from the player and only because the game aligned against one and gave you the crammed castle.

They actually are—they only blow up if you hit them. That may not always be possible to avoid, but if you can’t stop your survivors from killing a mutator on top of themselves, you can lead the locust bombs away if you’re very careful.

[PvE] Please make the Farming Implements and Broom in the New Dawn missions “Cult of Personality”, “Dawn’s Harvest”, and “Vermin Cleanup Detail” always pickup-able. If you lose them for any reason before you finish these missions (and they can be removed from your inventory against your will), you have to restart the missions from scratch.

Alternately, just save our progress in these missions if we abandon them.

From my experience they trigger as soon as they get in melee range to the player. I normally trigger them by running past…not hitting.
They do autoaggro on the player so you can lead them savely away in mansion or egypt but castle is a bit crammed and has all survivors in one big clump making it a pain. Always have to keep an eye out for the special effect and lead the mob carrying them out or not defeat him close quarter.

Counterpoint: they should absolutely make scenarios less frustrating. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone respond to failing a scenario with “Oh well, I had fun and will strive to do better next time” rather than complaints about how one or more aspects totally came out the back end of a cow and they hate scenarios and wish there was another way to farm glyph xp. :v:

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This is mostly my response to a failed Scenario. While i don’t celebrate a failed scenario, I am perfectly fine with the occasional failure, as long as it wasn’t an obvious bug, but instead my own failure or just mechanics timing bad together. They nerfed Scenarioes plenty as it is imo. As for the locust bombs. As with any scenarioes strive to not fight in camp. If something does get in camp, grab it by the neck and drag it out again. That aside Locust bombs are marked with a green cloud on the special mobs. It’s hard to spot on some models however.