Archaean Seismocratist's Flame Lash is changing aggro table for too long

I’m guessing this is related to the change in stationary boss aggro, but every time this guy does Flame Lash, his next attack casts onto the same target, killing them instantly.

Went into E7 and his followup normal attacks were doing 16k to the (~7k hp) dpses/healer.

Workaround is tank brings force-aggro abilities, runs them during every Flame Lash.

It also changed so Flame Lash can target the top aggro (tank) not just everyone else.

[edit] this is the first boss in Hell Eternal


Before the patch, if any player would happen to dodge while a Flame Lash was being cast on them, the boss would cast an auto-attack on the Flame-Lashed target before reverting back to the tank.

Like Ox said, before if Flame Lash target were able to dodge thru the boss and this way LoS the pull, he / she was getting auto-attacked immediately. It’s actually fun to do if you have wings ready :smiley: But yeah… That really should not happen unless player wants it to happen :smiley:

Confirming issue for E4, too. Flame leashed target gets auto-attacked with next regular attack.

Tank can taunt aggro back using an ability at the right moment, but considering there’s no patch notes indicating this is an intended change, I guess the fight is now broken?

It looks like it puts the lashee at the top of the Aggro table because I’ve been lashed as DPS, had Shadow in the Blood cast on me, survived that explosion while the boss was casting Caldera and the boss auto attacked me before Shadow’s Shadow could finish me off.

Indeed, the behavior of the boss has changed. The player who’s the target of Flame Lash is placed at the top of the aggro table and stays there until someone else overtakes them in aggro. It’s now imperative that a tank has multiple force-taunts to steal back aggro for each Flame Lash that is cast to prevent players from certain death. Knowing how Flame Lash functioned before the latest patch and considering that Flame Lash served no real hindrance in the encounter before now, I wonder if this an intended–though, undocumented–change to the boss encounter. The change doesn’t break the encounter, yet it does give the tank an additional responsibility.

This change is definitely not in the patch notes. Sneaky of Funcom.

It might be that.

This is exactly what it is.
something has changed to the “Stationary mobs” (which this used to actually say until they simplified their own explanation of the patch notes)

I’m seeing it with bosses of dungeons E4, E5, E6, E7 - most notable the flame lash guy listed here, DW spinning magician & Dr. Klien on the bridge, They’re just randomly one shotting players in any random order until there’s nobody left.

Ah, this is a reasonable explanation why DW3 starts hitting random people after casting his inner AoE now.

More intelligently indeed.

yeah, DW3 casts a couple things on random players (add summons always, and the blood circle on E4 and lower) so probably the same issue.

I’m not really clear what aggro problem was being fixed as I don’t recognize any of the mob names listed in the patch notes. Is it the little buddies in Ankh 4 who would reset to full hp if you impaired them?

Neesh-um is the shade stalker at the bottom of the Roman Baths in the filth pool who would reset after being impaired.
On that note, I need to test this on the guy at the end of Spirals.

Yeah, the named critters in the patch notes are both mobs that would instantly rest via “target is evading you” and run back to their spawns if they were moved via crowd control. They didn’t so much have an aggro problem as a “I’ve been moved! Drop combat and run!” problem.

That’s not what that bit of patch notes describe. Some stationary enemies used to reset when their positions were changed (e.g. pulls, pushes, Eruption). They apparently fixed that.

This issue might be related to that change depending on how their code works, but it’s definitely not what’s described there.

Yup, thank you for the reports. We’re going to have to temporarily disable Hell Eternal Elite until we can get this fixed. Target is later this week.

Just kidding, Hell Eternal Elite will not be disabled at this time, as it would require possible downtime (or other non-ideal methods, like kicking the community server, thus booting everyone in chat, raids, dungeons, etc. just for this). We’ll patch a fix in later this week.


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