Problem with threat table after patch [Revised]

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I want to take a moment to revise my previous complaint as I think some people are misunderstanding.

The issue is on single target fighting only!

Your thrall is completely unable to hold threat off of you at all. I don’t expect my thrall to be superman. I don’t expect it to get aggro on every single incoming enemy. What I expect is if I put my thrall on say a boss,and then kill all the adds myself. Three minutes later when I go over to hit the boss it should not turn on me in just a few seconds of hitting it. The thrall has been tanking it for three minutes completely solo and still does more than two times my damage. There is ZERO reason that the boss should turn on me instantly and then start completely ignoring the thrall who is still hitting him for double my damage while I turn in circles not even hitting it anymore.

This is the part that needs to be fixed. The threat generated needs to be damage based or something. They lose interest in the thrall WAY too fast and then basically ignore it after that. So this results in either I let my thrall tank and dps down the boss 100% solo with maybe 1 or 2 healing arrows, or I hit the boss a few times and it turns on me, and then I run around like an idiot dodging and weaving trying not to die while my thrall follows it and kills it solo still with the mob completely ignoring the insane dmg my thrall is doing to it’s back… Either way I do NOT feel like the hero here. Ergo this system is not accomplishing what people are claiming that it is supposed to do.


Thralls no longer hold threat off you for any time at all. Since the patch I spend nearly entire boss fights running in circles while my thrall attacks the boss. Once he has threat no matter how long I wait if I hit the boss more than 4 or 5 times the boss turns on me and won’t fight the thrall at all.

This is ZERO fun at all. I have no interest in kiting creatures around so my thrall can kill everything.

I should also add that my thrall is using Crom’s Hammer and is max level with 52 in strength. I am also max level with 50 in strength using blade of the adventurer. It doesn’t matter if I swing with light or heavy attacks. He is completely unable to hold threat any longer when previously the only time I’d pull threat is if I was dumping a bunch of bleeds on the target with daggers.


I’ve noticed this to but i believe it is intentional.

And I’m ok with this.
For me, standing back and firing the odd healing arrow has never been much fun.
There needs to be risk to feel like you are achieving something.

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That’s the problem though. When they were tanking I was “in there” with them fighting. Now I just stand back and toss a healing arrow because if I try to attack I instantly get threat. Using bows doesn’t make you take threat instantly like melee does.


Ive got the same problem, especially Red Mother, she just wants to kite me around for minutes while my thrall hammer her down. Thrall gets agro at first but the second I attack, with bow or melee she attacks me.

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It’s pretty much the same story with any creature that you can’t kill in just a few hits. So basically any 1 or 3 skull mob.

I like this change, and I hope it was intentional.

Before, you could engage an enemy then step back and let your thrall take most of the damage. Now, the enemy will continually target you until someone else gets in a lot of hits on them (I haven’t worked out the mechanics of this yet). It is very obvious that the enemy is targeting the player and not your thrall.

I couldn’t get my thrall to engage with enemies by arrowing them, I had to get in and melee before my thrall would engage (or take off in the other direction seeking enemies I didn’t want him to).

Had lots of fun this morning having my butt handed to me as I navigate the new mechanics. After I “home school” the kids - excited to get back on and work out the new thrall settings.


This mechanic change doesn’t make any improvements. It just further enforces the idea of standing back and do absolutely nothing and letting your thrall do ALL the work.

If there is a need to be more dangerous than the bosses and such should more mechanics than just tank and spank.


Use a shield

The increased threat by npcs/monsters to one another (and further away) is great; the world feels much more alive now coming upon fights in progress. So kudos for that part.

However, the threat priority of player over anything, even when a fight is in progress, is a bit too “heavyhanded.” I would recommend changing “player threat” by proximity to something more like ‘threat by damage source.’

For example, an crocodile walked by and spotted a shaleback. He went racing over that the two of them started fighting. That part was great. My character walked a bit closer to get a better view. Then all of sudden, they both stopped fighting and just came racing over to me (just watching; no damage done to either of them). The crocodile should have continued fighting the shaleback (the shaleback was doing damage to the crocodile) and the shaleback should have continued fighting the crocodile (the crocodile was doing damage to the shaleback). Neither should have prioritized a player as a threat (at least, not yet). If the player starts doing damage, then yes, if the player is doing more damage than the previous opponent, then switching targets makes sense.

Right now, the “kill all players on sight” even when in the midst of a current fight is a bit much.


For me personally this is a big minus, I play on a modded server and you can’t really keep all on you, for example UC, dark, elarikan plague, npc with abilities, random boss and so on.
It seems that now if you jump from a mountain, the thrall dies.


And if you go to far from npc spawn, they get back and got instant life full.


Funcom said in the dev-sdtream, that they are working on making the player be the hero again.
Probably this is part of that balancing.

Nonetheless, I think until then we need a hotfix to address the fact that even though the player does not do much damage (in longer boss-type fights) compared to the ton of damage a good thrall is able to deal, the monster will turn to the player.

On top of this my freaking horse will try to hump me during the battle and sometimes gets me stuck in places where I can not even dodge roll out of.

Very annoying and frustrating - almost as much as the “forgotten humping camel” (which had a zero follow distance when it first came out).

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Climp up onto the little wide pillar thingy and just smack her from there. She won’t attack the thrall just goes in circles around/INSIDE the pillar. It’s a very cheesy method but if you just want to farm her and no spending a lot of minutes blocking-swinging do that.

i feel the aggro is kinda overboard as well.
it defeats the purpose of the new attack command for the thrall.
if i send my thrall in first ( if she would attack the one i am pointing at and not off to the sides…) to start the fight and aggro, then i charge in like a mad woman, the entire fight shifts and big bosses are on me. so whats the point of the command ? i should just run right up myself.


AI commands it’s crap, for me don’t work , i died alot in UC , my thrall just running after me and don’t attack… that game just from positive down to very negative ( my opinion ) i consider to quit , i just made a community few weeks ago and a lot of players quit already…


Yeah… I’d have to say this change in threat has completely diminished my interest in playing. I went to play another game yesterday and don’t really have much interest in returning to conan at this point. I was really enjoying the game up until now. I had out in nearly 200 hours in 2 weeks with a lot of friends and family and was running my own server.

I agree that thralls are a little too strong and they need to be nerfed a little bit but the fact that they can’t hold any threat off the player at all has pushed the game into the opposite direction that it needed in order to kill bosses I just send in my thrall and watch it do all the damage. This is a stupid form of playing and I have zero interest in playing like this but most of the high end stuff in the game you can’t handle taking the hits for it so getting in there and trying to fight is suicide.

Hopefully this changes very soon or this game has become a massive disappointment for me in the frame of a single patch that wasn’t listed as making these kinds of changes.


I have decided to revise my original complaint to make it more clear. The concept of getting aggro on more mobs at one time with mob assist and helping is GREAT. I do love that feature. My issue resides with my thrall being unable to tank for me on boss mobs or single target fights.

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yes , when i played the other day( taking a break) aggro was an issue, and when i said i send my thrall in first , i do back them up, i am right there flailing away lol .
but i could not even do 1 hit or red mother thought i was her lost child and wanted to give me a hug. during that fight i was using the attack command, it said i did it on screen , but there was no hope…i ran in circles while she( thrall) was either inside the ground or standing there checking her manicure out.
i really want to play but at this point im just taking a break so i dont get completely frustrated.


One thing to be noted here… don’t do your tests with Red Mother…

She has a special ability:
“Turn attacking thrall into a numb skull for infinity”

When she does that Slam on the floor Paw attack… it really seems like 1, she pushed thralls into the ground… sometimes they can still keep attacking when inside the ground, but 2… when they get knocked out with said attack… they like loose the will to live… they stop attacking and just stand beside the red mother maybe they fall in love and try to kiss her… and they get smacked and killed without retaliation… unless u run away and make em teleport… and repeat…

Haven’t tried since the patch but a sort of fix-ish for that, was to keep shooting arrows at her leg, give her cripple, and then Thralls were more forced into resuming their attacks, instead of showing their love to their mother… but wasn’t perfect…

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thanks for the tip blazarius, i made a bee line into UC to have some fun with the commands , but we know how thats going:)