Another Thrall dead

So this is how over powered our thralls are NOT . Go to New Asagard with a fighter thrall he has 5851 HP. Decent stats he is level 20, so he should have no problem living right, I am level 60 and I fight with my thrall not stand by and watch btw.

After about 15 mins in village he is already hurting. The mobs are off the wall, everyone attacks and mobs you, pushing you in to corners so can hardly fight your way out.

I had checked him and gave him some more food

All of a sudden he is gone, no body, no bag just dead. Look for him after I finish off mob for 10 mins but no sign of his body.

Above is the mob I killed that had killed him but his body is not among them.

this is in test live btw but is it a bug that the whole village aggro on you or is it just nerf to thralls. In New Asagard mobs are off the wall. You can have 20 npcs attacking, 4 or 5 wolves and then the archers.


Yeah I feel ya. Even in the regular game now, the thrall is the mob magnet and the thrall is trying to follow the player, so they start to get hit before they respond to any threat. With the nerf to thrall health and damage it will be an even greater risk which is now on testlive.


If they can’t fight battles, what good are they?


Hmm weird, my level 8 Tarman has no issues in NewA.

shove off , I know how to use a thrall. People on this forum have no clue how to talk to other other then to call them names. Rudeness just shows you have no clue how to have a conversation but to call others names to try and get your point across. If all you are going to do is call me names then do me a favor and do not comment on my posts thank you.


they suppose to die if you’re stupid about how you use them, they’re not immortal gods

yea that is about me or why use your

If you would like to test it in test live and test him out, new mobs instant aggro from a mile away and its all pile on at once.


The nord village has to be attacked more surgically now. Also, make sure you adjust thrall AI appropriately. If it is on aggressive and a huge attack range it will be killed.

If you don’t follow the above then it should die. You are, after all, attacking a whole village.


It seems like your thrall is terrible geared for that, it is using only regular heavy armor, sword and shield. New Asagarth has become a much more dangerous place after the aggro change, you are expected to fight several enemies at once if you are not careful enough.

Im not familiar with these new thrall balance changes, but I wouldnt call them wrong, unbalanced, etc… just yet. Players are really used to God mode, this is how the game has always been since launch, linear, unchallenging, boring. This is supposed to be a brutal survival game and everybody is used to play a linear hack and slash experiance that fit every single encounter. Thralls made this game trivial in the past, and even if you say you have been careful I think everybody will have to learn and adapt how to play the game drastically different, using real tactics, proper gear and adjusting how you engage enemies depending on the situation and follower of choice.


My thrall was on the correct settings to be in a that village but with the new Thrall mob A.I. , be it a thrall or a player that gets near them its aggro from half way across the village. Thralls that can not even see you or hear you aggro on you now. Then if you need to heal so you can deal with them and them not instant heal you have to engage them at all times or they run back to their starting point and instant heal and you start over with fully healed enemies.


I do not run with legendary weapons and armors on my thralls, to be honest that feels cheesy to me He was dressed in flawless armor, he was a level 20 with a level 60 player beside them with healing stuff, it is not like he was by himself in that village. Everyone says thralls are so over powered and the hero of the game well not so over powered and this hero died. I was not the one who first changed thralls and took the legendary thralls away and gave up the new ones and told us now how thralls will be much more powerful nor was I the one who changed them again as now they are to strong to suit some players 2 years after I brought the game.

I learned how to play the game I brought, I learned again how to play it when they changed the roll and took Legendary thralls away, how many times will they re-adjust them and tell us one thing to then a few months later to change their mind and tell us something different. Most of us just want to play our game with out broken changes that make it even harder to deal. I see where you come from but this is not a new game nor is it still in alpha its a finished game that they keep breaking with changes that make it harder for solo players to adjust.


For this to work, the thrall-AI needs to be drastically improved. They need to flee when their HP hits 10% or so - it’s called survival instinct. Even animals has this.


Firstly, the roll is still perfectly usable.
Secondly, the new changes removed the “3 mobs fight something at once only” mechanic.
Thirdly, Im not saying you did not give it food, but the image presented show’s its had it’s taken a beating and it has no food to help it out. I dont see a bow in the hotbar with healing arrows
Lastly, and I do not wish to come across as telling you that you’re playing wrong so dont misunderstand me, but that thrall is not well geared at all.

I threw a decent thrall into the wine cellar with food and high tier crafted gear and it had no issue, I was not worried about it at any stage of the dungeon.

Maybe you just had bad luck, but I personally think you presented your thrall with more than could be asked of it.


I decided to test it myself based on your feedback. You stated he was using the flawless version of the gear, so it stands to reason that flawless epic armour is not unobtainable. I put a fighter 3 in decent gear and with a decent weapon. I also joined in the fighting, as you said your thrall was not alone.

We literally crushed the village, including Ladagara and some t4 named taskmaster. I was never worried about my thrall at all.

Again, maybe you had poor luck but I think you jsut bit off more than the thrall could chew.

Video of the fight if you’re interested;


I am happy you enjoy the roll I do not , I use it as I have no choice but I do not have to like it and to be honest I am for sure not that only one who complains about that roll. The 3 mob rule was not something that anyone ever asked to be removed half way though year 3 of this game.

The picture was taken when I opened his inventory to give him more food as he has used it all in the 2o min battle to get where we were standing. The thrall does not need to wear god armor and nor do I make my thralls into gods, he had decent armor and sword with a shield which he does use. Before the patch that now produce mobs off the wall this thrall has been in this village many times in the same armor and hardly got hurt. That is why I took him there to test I knew how that village worked and what to expect though with the changes all bets are off with the way they fight and instant heal.

The issue is the new system that makes it so you have not one moment to heal or move or they de-aggro and go back to full health and its a battle over and over as its almost impossible to keep 20 npc in aggro so the ones that run home to their start point all heal up and its a start over. So you go in here, while you are killing some the others have run home to momma and got all their HP back but I nor my thrall do not instant heal.

Really I presented my over powered god thrall with more then it can handle??? How is that that possible, lol the whole forum is on about how over powered and godly thralls are but not all of us run with god thralls and this just proves that is my point.

Thralls die, I lost one to the bug where they just decide to die for no reason and disappear last week. Now one today. Each a level 20 thrall which took me days to level. My point is if my thrall dies for a valid reason, I have no issue but to a bug or a change that is unneeded and unwanted and not working correctly yet or to bug then yes its a problem and as I am their consumer I have a right to say I think its wrong and that I do not like it. So as I do not want to come across as telling you how to enjoy your game I will not I will just say, the amount of bugs in this patch that they say are fixed in the new test live and are not fixed is bothersome for a game that is in its 3rd year and leave it at that…

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Had I worn decent heavy gear, i would have facetanked them without the roll, its still jsut as viable.

No offence, but the armour you gave it is not decent. It’s starter gear which provides no buffs to it. Even if you gave it something with a vitalty bonus it would have lasted better.

I had plenty of times after each pack to stop and heal, i chose to move and engage.

you provided a mediocre thrall in poor gear more than it can handle, obviously. It died.

In my experience, your playstyle is not among the masses. People generally run with the best they can get. Especially in PvP.

That sucks, I wholeheartedly agree with you my guy. But that issue has no bearing on the balance to the thralls are receiving. Though I do hope it is sorted out quickly.

I agree, and any feedback they get is good.

By the way, I threw the same gear onto a Darfari fighter I, it never even lost 1/3 of its HP and I went at the same pace also refusing to let it heal.


My point not all thralls are GODS, even though half of this forum thinks they are, not every one plays with a god thrall not everyone wants to, do you not get my point at all, not all of us are the masses, I do not play PVP, not much for the way it is played along with 400o million foundation spamming and off line raiding but I do not think that no matter how I say it you do not get my point.

Not all thralls are gods or mine still be alive and a mass nerf does not work for all thralls. A mass nerf is not good for any part of the game.

Its my girl btw. :slight_smile:


This is why this next Thrall patch is going to create a ton of REEEEEE’ing. These people can’t be bothered to read the counter to their criticism… Heaven, you where never called any names in this thread, instead you flag comments… Falsely, I might add. The thrall balance on Test Live is awesome and I look forward to it

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Yes i got your point, its why I addressed it and said that you were an outlier on that issue from my experience.

They have stated that it’s the first iteration and everything is subject to change.

Hope you have learned something from this, as i can see you didn’t had food on your thrall since the beggining, so it’s obvious he got very damaged by the time you took the screenshots, but even with a bow in your inventory (not in your hotbar) you are not using healing arrows on him, why? also, it’s gear is kinda basic to be honest, weak and far from optimal. next time forget the shield, thralls with shields sucks bad. and give him an axe or a mace, 1h swords on thralls are bad, they can’t do many hits because it lacks of hyperarmor, Speaking of armor, at lvl 60 you can also craft epics, which are the double in armor values, plus, encumbrance armor in a thrall is a waste, you could give him another armor with vit or str to improve their stats, hell, even survivability is better than encumbrance for thralls.

This is not the thralls balncing fault, it’s your inexperience, but i hope you learn from your mistakes and this wouldn’t happen again in the future.

And one last adivice, if your thrall is dying, set it to passive mode so he won’t fight anymore, and get hell out of there.