SAVE THE (runaway) FLAG!


From today’s patch notes:

Continuing the discussion from Update 2.2.1 Patch Notes (Dawn of the Morninglight):

WHYYYYYYYY? Why did the flag had to die!? This will not stand! Speak up! Bring the flag back! We need the flag! Why? Because reasons! Or because it was a mystery that bugged me and a fun thing and I loved it!


We need a memorial. I have already been down to leave some flowers at the portal.

Or maybe a flag pet, so it can always be with us.


Its not mine, its Andy’s


I genuinely thought the banner was placed deliberately to draw attention to the new portal.


I miss that banner. We had some good times. I remember this one time…

I’m sorry I’m tearing up. I can’t see the keyboard for my tears…



Always remember banner. It lead us to lore, helped us to new heights and pointed forward to inspire all of us. Never we shall forget such sense for duty displayed until it’s very end.
To a friend and companion! To the banner!


"Then out spoke brave Andonius
The keeper of the gate
To every banner in Agartha
Death cometh soon or late

But how should banners die better
than facing fearful ends
As signposts for the players
and a guide to more legends?"

from the “Lays of Ancient Agartha” by Thomas Babington Macaulay Culkin


Make fun? I’m dead serious.


I quite liked the flag. It was a clear indicator of the portal and it’s effect. It added flavor and fixing it fixed something I didn’t really feel was broken. This feeling is kinda shared among at least a few people.

So I am not bored, I just think an unnecessary “fix” was done.

But let me return: How bored must someone be if he has to point out other peoples “boredom”.