Flags & Banners

I have a few suggestions that I’d like to see made to flags and banners. They’re terribly limited in placement and aesthetics.

  1. Make them dyeable
  2. Animate them to flap in the wind like cloth.
  3. Make banners universally placeable so we can hang them from fences and bridges or anything that doesn’t have a large facade.

I had a plan to have banners hanging free over the top of the gate, but was limited to this:


Came here to endorse the point 1: Make them dyeable!

Well, in fact, the flags in the game are animated, and - sometimes - fluttering in the wind, just animation does not always work.
I really would like to see more flags. Now only two NPC clans - Relic Hunters and cannibals-darfary - have some sets of their own banners. At the same time, their aesthetics leave much to be desired. The other factions - one clumsy flag or not at all. The only really beautiful flag in the game is the Khitan flag from the DLC.

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from what ive seen the animation of the banners depend on the distance you’re away from it… usually, while relatively close they look absolutely amazing flying in the wind, but going away (like you yourself in the picture) makes them still and lifeless

Dyable banners for the win :slight_smile: also be good to make bodies into banners to give that complete Psycho Warlord look

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Looks great and terrifying lol

Also, the skull could be one part of the entire body that we could use to put some skeletons on dungeons and jails made by our own - or even a graveyard or sarcophagus of our “ancestors”.

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Yeah, we need more flags. Preferably both a custom dyable one and a flag for every Race/Faction/Religion.

Yes please :slight_smile:

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There is also a black hand flag you get off the black galleon

you have to be within command range for any of the banners or flags to move. kinda sucks…

Usually it is, but not always. Often, even pr approximations closely flags animation is not activated. This, incidentally, refers to the animation of clothes and hair characters.