Flags for the Map Room map

So, I saw a post in another ares that noted that the map has no overlap for placables and he could use candles to mark the various locations of his bases and areas of note.

I love this idea, and would like to elaborate on it. Simply put…I’d like flags. Candle sized flags of various colors to mark locations on the map. The recipe should be something like 1 branch + 1 papyrus scroll + 1 colored dye = 1 coloured flag made in the artisan’s workbench. Colours should be at least red, green, blue, yellow, white, and black.

These could either come with the cartographer “religion” or as a separate purchasable decor feat.

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Yes plz !
Dowit !

I agree with that sugestion. I even made an account for a similar sugaestion. There are mods about flags, but it should be part of the main game, esp. because most servers use vanilla.

I think there should be:

  • 5-10 different flag patterns so every clan can chose their style, make them dyeable and you have a big personalising of the game.
  • do sets, mean for each flag make: a litle flag, a standard flag, a banner (on the wall) and a capet of the same pattern.
  • do god sets. There is a mod introducing god related flags and banners. Import that to the main game would be nice. Dyeable would be superb.