The Ability to make Custom Banners, rugs, etc

I would like to pitch the idea of being able to customize banners, rugs, wall scrolls, etc.

Make a bench that lets the user place an item or stack of an item say wall scrolls or screens and then allow the user to choose between a background (different colors or even dye based) then choose a main image (Pre-Selected Symbols like Conan face, Ymir religion, Stygian sign, etc.) then choose a border (again Pre-Selected Borders with color options).

On top of that you could add special books scattered about the Ghost Lands with different styles unlocked to further distinguish your bases and increase exploration.

Just an open free idea


good idea bro !
banners are a nice way to decorate and personnalize your base, so i second your idea :smiley:
different styles learnt from books or whatever / different boarders / different backgrounds and the possibility to dye? sounds good to me, I’m all for that !

Yeah i think it would definately add much needed personalization aspect to your building or clans whether your in PVP or PVE

I like the idea with it having different symbols, borders, lines etc that you can choose from to customize your banner.

What I don’t want is a banner you can make that you draw on as i have no desire to see banners with out of place real life pictures, or obscene pictures.

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