Banners: Customization & Sigils

This game is centered around clans. I know that like many others who play this game, aesthetics is one of the best parts of this game. I know there have been past threads, and this would probably be on the back burner of the “to do” list, but suggestion, none the less.

It would be awesome to get new banners with clan customized sigils. The below is how I would suggest implementing said Customization.

Clan Sigils:

  1. Create multiple sigil types that can be added to a Banner. These would come in different shapes, (Stars, Snakes, Wolves, Cats, Trees, Etc.) and allow only a certain amount per clan sigil, so for example, three shapes (or other determined amount) per Sigil, Per Clan. This would help to prevent symbol abuse.
  2. Clan Leader would control the Sigil design.
  3. The SIgil could be created within the menu, and all ‘Clan-Type’ banners would appear in the Artisan Table (probably the easiest route).
    ----Any time the Clan Leader changes the symbol, all ‘Clan-type’ banners in the game would automatically shift to the new updated sigil.
  4. Banner Types could also vary. I know the game has a few different banners currently. But it would be nice to see some different banner types. Per Below…
    ----Regular Large Banner (similar to current shapes in game)
    ----Small Triangle Banner (Small and can go atop walls or on top of pointed roofs)
    ----Spear Flag Banner: This is one of my favorite ideas, as it would be a Flag on a Spear that
    would show the clan sigil.
  5. EDIT* Base color to the Banner would be an option, along with each symbol having a color as well.

Again, I am big into aesthetics, so stuff like this means a bunch in a clan-based game to me. Let me know your thoughts guys. I will see you on the Stream!


It would be nice to also be able to set the colors of the sigil and base cloth of the banner (or allow them to be dyed).


Yes, sorry, I meant to put that in there, If it wasn’t implied clearly.

Id like this idea.
-A hanging flag of different orientations and sizes
-A flagpole style flag on a long spear
-A hanging banner on a pole like the banners of the diffrent tribes.

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Yeah, I mean, its a long shot. But yeah, anything along those lines would be awesome. Armor, capes, etc. all with the ability to get a sigil engraved to it.

Sigils and crests would be great for claiming areas and representing in battle. House shields and battle standards or tabards would be nice for pvp battles. It would also really help make the looks or player made arenas.


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