Clan Improvements and Features

Hello Funcom!

Here are some ideas for Post-Launch clan improvements and clan features. I realize you guys are in feature lock right now for launch. This is a list of suggestions for things you could implement after launch to improve on clan features.

Clan Heraldry
–Allow clans to pick a team symbol / icon. Create a list of tons of them to choose from, so that clans have lots of options. I would like to see at least 100 icons to choose from for my clan symbol.
–Allow clans to pick team colors, probably a primary and secondary color would be good
–Allow clans to craft banners, flags, and other placeables for their bases that utilize the clan symbols and clan colors

Clan Armor
–Create a set of armor, or multiple sets, that has the clan symbol displayed prominently on the chest, and create a clan shield that has the clan symbol imprinted on the shield.

Clan Log
–Improve existing clan log to show significant events such as base damage/destruction, the death of thralls, and other important items that should be tracked.
–Create a new chest or storage unit with a lot of space, called the Clan Vault, that can be regulated by clan officers and has a log attached to it for deposit/withdrawals

Clan Rank
–Make clan ranks configurable, and allow us to set permissions for clan ranks. Like the ability to deconstruct buildings, make deposits/withdrawals to the Guild Vault, move thralls, and other significant things for shared bases


Also highly suggest we have some mechanic with Allies too.

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You can have clan armor if you choose a precise set and color it with color of your clan , even if it’s not an explicite dedicated feature, you can already do it.

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Exactly. I played on a server a while back where most clans came up with their own color schemes and dyed their armor accordingly.

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You missed the part about being able to display a clan symbol on your armor and shield.

This is almost never well implemented and typically looks bad.

How about when your join a clan not “all your bases belong to us”

A clan should have a main hall/base/castle etc. And each member should be able to have their own private home some where.

From what I heard when joining a clan all your property becomes theirs, and if you leave, it stays theirs.