Custom Clan Flags / Banner

The last time this was brought up was 2018…I figured it’d be time to bring this up again.

Personally, I can’t see how this idea wasn’t part of the clan creation design. You’d think there should be a way to have a clan emblem on flags, armor, pets, and the like.

Personally, I’d think it’d look bad a$$ if one could carry a clan flag into battle. A row of horses, all with flags flying high!


Was there a reason this wasn’t part of the game in the first place? I mean, clan based games almost always have some type of emblem or way to display your affiliation. In most games it’s a clan tag. In Conan, I have to run up to someone, see their name, then run away (unless I want to kill them), open up the player list and find their name to FINALLY find out who they’re affiliated with.

Dang it…They are a rival clan, now I have to go back, find them and kill them.

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