Clan names appearing above char

I was in a massive battle were multiple clans were fighting, would be nice to know whos in what clan. Kinda like in ESO


What I would suggest to allow the clan leader to select a symbol from a list (similar to the map icons we can place) and a color for it. This symbol would then appear above a character when you are close enough to be able to read their name were you looking at them. (i.e. if you can read someone’s name within 15 feet when looking at them, then this icon should be visible for every character within 15 feet regardless of whether you are looking at them or not).

It would be best if the library of symbols is big enough that duplicates can be disallowed so that you don’t have people trying to impersonate members of other clans.

By using a symbol, we’d avoid the silliness of seeing xXGoat_FuggersXx or some such floating all over the place as we would if clan names were visible. And symbols would be further in keeping with game lore while being able to transcend language barriers.


There is a player list you can look up to see what clan they are in. During the heat of a battle you really have no use for the clan name. Knowing their clan name while fighting wont help you win. So it’s really as easy as looking at the player list later on. It’s a survival game. I feel Funcom has already made it easy (pvp wise) for player to find and locate their enemies. Once long ago one actually had to have skill and hunt and look for their enemy clan. Now its basically handed to you.

Depending which server you are in (less likely to work in official servers), you can sometimes get the clans to agree on using certain colors. For example, my clan in Scarlet Citadel RP uses White and Blue dyes for our battle armor. We are required to wear when fighting.

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