Au revoir (and thanks for all the fish)

Hey Everyone!

Today was my last day at Funcom. After almost 11 years (8 of these on TSW!), I’ve decided to follow up on other opportunities.

My top priorities over the last few months was always to ensure the proper release and quality of Dawn of the Morninglight. I’m really glad this went well and it seems that you’ve all been enjoying the new content (even if it felt a bit short… I know!).

Now that this is out of the way, I feel at peace handing the torch over to Chris Meredith, who you might know as @Nirvelle, to lead the ship and ensure the bright (and by bright, I mean in the darkest tentacular Cthulhuesque meaning of the word) future of Secret World Legends. Chris has always been a source of great ideas, and I have no doubts that he will take good care of the game and of you guys, the best community any MMO ever had!

It’s very weird saying good-bye, after being a part of the Secret World for so long. It’s a fantastic universe that I genuinely love. It has so many stories to tell still and there is so much left to explore. I feel privileged to have gotten the chance to be a part of it. I’m proud to say that we’ve pushed the boundaries of what the MMO genre has done in terms of story-telling and immersion (rainbow unicorn masks aside maybe?).

We have more stories planned to expand on the South African lore and legends, and more updates to follow. I’m excited to play through that new content as a player myself in the future, and I trust Chris to help the team deliver quality updates.

It’s been an absolute pleasure sharing this universe with all of you! And remember the teachings of Marquard: “We are all made of Stars!”

Romain / Tilty


i am sad that you go but i wish you all the best in youre future

Thanks for the work you put in during your time here. Happy trails.

May you always have “fair winds and a following sea” in your future endeavors or as they say in show business, “Break a leg.”

Hey, it’s been awesome, Tilt!
Best of luck on your further endeavors.
You will be missed.


Goodbye and may your future be a bright one.

Good luck and the gods’ speed, and all that jazz.

Thank you for all the hard work. Godspeed and take care.

Best wishes for the future, Tilty :slight_smile:

Merci Tilty pour toutes ces années et bonne chance pour ton avenir…

We all wish Romain the best on his future endeavors! At last, I can microwave sardines in peace…


Bon voyage! It’s about the only French (I hope that’s French) I know.

May you new adventures take you places you never been but wanted to go :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything Romain. You’ve been a great coworker and a good friend. You’ll definitely be missed, and though our stories here will continue on without you, I’m sure wherever you land you’ll have even more stories to tell and those games will be better for it.

Thanks for everything, and best of luck with whatever comes next. :slight_smile:


You sneaky little Honeybadger…blowing retreat without even giving you a proper sent off.
Whoever takes you now tell them I kick their marbels if they aren’t nice to good old Romain.

Good luck on whatever will become your new thing^^

I am sad. This is truly a Friday the 13th now.


Sad to see you go!
Best wishes and good luck for the future!

We’ll miss you Tilty :frowning: You did good.

Thanks for all the fun and especially for sticking with us through the dark times.

I wish you the best of luck on your next big adventure.

And if you ever lose your way home, yell and I’ll make sure AgarthaChristy is there for a meet up! :wink:

Thank you for all the fun; in game and out (so many inside jokes from the twitch streams). Meilleurs vœux!

thx for your job and hope you will enjoy yourself into your new activity (Bon courage et bonne pêche ^^)