Au revoir (and thanks for all the fish)


You are going to be sorely missed sir! Thank-you for everything you’ve done for the game, it’s been a wild ride and I mean that in the best way possible. All the best for future endeavors. Do keep in touch from time to time, 'ey Chuck? :wink:


Best of luck where ever you go spreading filth and nightmares. You’ll be missed!


Thank you for being willing to tackle on the community, particularly during such a difficult time as the transition from Secret World to Secret World Legends. You’ve had a lot of people screaming at you and you’ve handled it with restraint. But I don’t know how we’d ever get blackmail material on the new guy (like how you lost your one piercing) and that leaves us in an awkward position. :confused:

But no, really. Thank you, Romain, and I hope your future endeavors are amazing and brilliant. You deserve it.


Did you manage to sneak a few easter eggs about yourself into the game before it was time to leave?

Good luck with your future endeavors.


You did a hell of a good job with the TSW / SWL transition, and so much more. Thank you for everything, wherever you go, they will be lucky to have you on the team. o7


But, but… Unicorn ! :cry:
Plus, all the equine masks are awesome ! So Hotline Miami like


No more Tilteasing… salute


Sad to see you go, but happy that you get to go out on a high note. SAF may have been a bit short but it was also one of the smoothest updates in my memory, the whole team deserves kudos for that. Best of luck with your next gig, and don’t forget to pick up the lore on the way out.


You will be missed. Thanks for all your hard work!


Thanks! Cya! Gimme ur stuff!


Sad to see you go Tilty :frowning: Thank you for everything you have done for the game, and for us in all your years here. You will be missed.

I hope you will find what you are looking for and having a great time doing it :slight_smile:


Take care, I hope whatever comes next is… I’m not sure if I want to say more or less cthulu-y so just pick whatever is appropriate.


Live long and prosper “Salute”


Thank you for everything, Tilty. You did an amazing job. Best of luck to you wherever you’re going, and don’t forget us - we won’t forget you. :wave:


Bye, Tilty. Always a shame to see such a long time part of the original TSW universe go. I wish you well, (even if you don’t like TSW PvP) :slight_smile:


Le monde secret perd une grande personne aujourd’hui, tu as toujours été l’écoute de ta communauté, j’espère que ton successeur fera de même.
Merci pour tout ce que tu as fait pour TSW/SWL.
Bonne chance dans tes projets :slight_smile:

The secret world lose a great person today, you have always listened the community, I hope that your successor will do the same :slight_smile: .
Thank you for everything you did for TSW / SWL.
Good luck in your projects : slight_smile:


Tilty was a Lumie right?


@Drenneth you and @Myndr distract him and i’ll grab the keys to Fusang…


Good luck in the future! Thanks for all the attempts at framing me. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll try not to burn the place down in your absence.



Ahh bye bye pastures green & all that… you are welcome for all the fish :slight_smile: