Goodbye and does somebody want the fish?

After 3 pvp meta bans, more than 5k hours and more than 4 years on official, I have built everything i wanted to and more. Made lots of new friends and some new enemies.
I enjoyed most of the discussions in here, but as i am not into pvp, there is nothing else to do for me anymore and my addiction has finally been cured.
It was nice ride and lots of fun and excitement and I wish you guys all the best and maybe see you in the next big thing :slight_smile:
If anyone is playing on 1011 or 6013, feel free to hit me up, if you want my belongings. It#s not that much anymore but a good jump start


See you on Arrakis. Keep lurking here. 3.0 may draw you in.


See you on V rising, my next addiction.

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When I got to your level and was bored I switched to a EU server and started over from scratch. U might want to consider that. It`s a bit different on EU server lots of diff people from all over. Also u gonna miss out on the flying mounts coming soon I think.

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flying mounts?..Really? Don’t spread that. Clearly you are going to get to play undead.

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I will suggest you to take a brake from the game but not the forum m8. You think that your addiction is cured, but I will say for now. No matter where you go, what you’ll play, you’ll always find your self comparing the new game you play with this one. These hours you spend in this game will always follow you. The fact that you won’t have fight skills in this game, or climbing in another, or building, or see your toon naked, or, or, or, or will finally bring you back here. My greatest “escape” from Conan exiles was with Elder scrolls. Yet some days before I become master crafter, spending hundreds of hours on grinding and completing maps, buying dlcs etc… One day, just like that I deleted game, I was tired to the point that I didn’t want to play it or listen for it anymore, just like that, no reason. No other game so far has this power on me, none and I always fall in to comparing it and it’s always better, always. So I won’t say goodbye, I am pretty confident I will see you back sooner or later. The only thing I will wish you however is to have fun and meet new people, good people that will make your gaming days better. See you m8, have fun :+1:t6:.


I can understand if you feel “burned out” and that you have nothing really left to accomplish. I would say that with 3.0 coming out there might be something new to freshen things up so you may wish to stop back in and check things out again in the near future. Sometimes you do just need to take a break though. Wherever you land I hope you enjoy your time. :grin:


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