HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“Revelations in the Orochi Iris”:

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Lummie warrior given pause for thought one day in Kaidan…


“Altered Runner on the Moon”:

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“First rotation on the moon, enjoying the view, mom” :slight_smile: Very much doubt Funcom will do another city and this is very much more Altered Carbon/Blade Runner than SWL, but you never know, right :slight_smile: I’ve been OD’ing a bit on Altered Carbon and Blade Runner films lately.


“UrDraugallan - Spirit for the Soul!”:


This just in from Morning Light’s increasing World Wide Online Store!

“Filthy Flakes - For Your Hungry Horrors!”


Just got these delivered! Postman died 30 seconds after delivery, but at least I got mine :slight_smile:



Actually have almost enough piccies for another vid :slight_smile: A few fillers in this one that are not strictly SWL but they are ok images :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy!

(Track is Mos Def I Against I by Massive Attack)


“Willis the Templar”:

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I’ll try not to post more for a while, promise :wink: Coming to end of Holidays anyway.


One more waffur thin post :slight_smile:

“Shaiunshulhu Watching”:

Urm…lol. went mad (even more mad than usual :stuck_out_tongue: at 4 am eternal time. Tried to speed complete this one. I started with the wish to do an Altered Carbon Snake effect from the titles, but it kinda… mutated.


“Shaiunshulhu Watching (Update)”:

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I was not very happy with the above, so I updated. Scales were not right, and the space background. Spent a bit of time painting the scales then a mad dash with the Space effects.


“Mara in Old London Town”

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Mara in old Victorian London, preparing to enjoy the night life.


Head canon: The flanking pair of vampire minions are the Transylvanian equivalent of War Boys. They want nothing more than for their deathless leader to ‘WITNESS’ them doing something awesome and probably suicidal.

…Sorry, it’s late, and I’m tired. XD


Lol, TeaThief. Yeah they’ll do “Animal, mineral, vegetable” to get their mistresses attention :slight_smile:

“It began in Africa”: (Chemical Brothers great track, sorry could not resist :slight_smile: )

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Oh man, I really like this one, HolloPoint. :grinning:


Cheers, Skald :slight_smile:


“Astral Morninglight”:

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Edit: I Edited the image a bit (woke up and went “Blergh”), it was too blown out and lost too much detail. I use googles NIK collection for filtering and so on, it’s free and a very nice little package.

Been listening to Psytrance (Sad person yeah :stuck_out_tongue: ) euro music on YouTube… they pretty much all have great splash screens of various sorts, I took the basis for this image from one. It’s basically photo-manipulation again (sigh) with 3D renders and then composited, but I’ll try and paint sometime, one day…


“The Last Tiger and the Jackals”:

I don’t do a lot of Dragon images, but I did this one a fair bit of time ago, in the scheme of things :slight_smile: I think I’d just bought the water brushes. Very long time in rendering, DAZ studio kinda flips out when there are a lot of figures and kicks the rendering to CPU, which can take a long, long time. So I had to split up the Zombies from the main figure and Dojo scene and render them separately. I only had the 980ti at the time as well, so this one took considerable time.


“Vivienne McOldwood at The Masquerade”:

The Scots come out with the force of old woad dye punk at the Templar Masquerade.

Not sure this works, but I was having a closer look at some of the material settings in DAZ Studio, learned a bit more about normal maps, cut out transparencies and so on. Also trying some tribal tattoos.

Trying to be a bit “Arty” :slight_smile:


“Mask of the Morning Death”:


“Hello Boys!”:

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Basis for this one was another Psytrance cover page, but with not much relation to that original.

Sassy, classy Templar Lassy with big gun facing down the Orochi bots.

Hard to avoid the skin tight skimpy outfits with what is on offer as models from most if not all of the model vendors. Sorry about the bots, their just what I have, although I have access to the RDB I don’t have the Orochi bots, the guy who kindly did the conversions for me had not reached Kaidan. Plus I’m not great with the conversions I’d have to skeleton each model from the basic file with figure of each bot. Blergh :slight_smile: Doable but time consuming, but probably would be a good project to wrap my bonce around :slight_smile:


I like having a focus or goal to an image. Helps with skill progression, which I could do with :slight_smile: Decided that since Beyond the Veil have been so decent in showcasing some of my work, I’d do some images related to them. (The Tentacle is a bit iffy, I’ll need to work on that).

“Beyond the Veil: Kaidan”:

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