HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“Beyond the Veil: South Africa”:

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Edit: Added a skeleton :slight_smile:


Painting. Well…

“Andy the Barbarian - Master of the Argyle Arts”:

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Amazing. Thank you :adnyplz:


Thanks, Andy… it’s really appreciated :slight_smile: I’ll get a bit better as I go with the painting, the face is not defined enough. I already have a cunning plan for the next one :smile:


Cunning plan has come into being :slight_smile:

“The Abominable Doctor Andy Phibes”:

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I hope the film by Vincent Price this is based on rings a bell :slight_smile: There are a few small additions to find as well.


holy moly I don’t even

Filthy Flakes? Is that what I eat now? I mean it is already, how did you know?


Ahh, never underestimate the power of the Templar side of the Factions :wink: The Illuminati may have surveillance eyes everywhere, the Templars have cats eyes everywhere :slight_smile:


“Spinosaur Goes to War”:

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I already have something a lot different in mind for the next piece for the SuperSaur :smile: I just need to think about the composition and get down to it. This one is ok.

Edit: I should have done the work to combine in Spinosaur’s face though.


“Walking Dino”:

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“Comm-Manager : Civil War”

Looking at Leogrim’s film-spoof-posters made me do this. #blameleogrim :wink: I have done a few cookie related film posters, but this one is a bit more… detailed.


“Lurker on the Seas of Legends”:

I did this image previously, it took a while, based on Michael Moorcock’s book “Sailor on the Seas of Fate”. A pretty simple conversion and a few changes to include the lurker, or at least the version I have.


“One Day You Will Be Safe”

Just another thought on the future for SWL. I needed to try and get clouds right as well, I’ve always had trouble “volumizing” them. A few tutorials watched and a few hours struggling :slight_smile:


“Sonnac as Blade”:

Head hit the pillow when this occurred :slight_smile:


“Riding Sun, Cutting Stars”:

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Idea from Kill Bill, when the Hattori Hanzo sword was made "I am sympathetic to your aim. I can tell you with no ego, this is my finest sword. If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut. " So I thought of the cut in the Sky :slight_smile:


“I’m on the Fk’n Phone!”

Another version of Geary in Kaidan.


love this one! a lot


Cheers, Caerfinon :slight_smile:

“Vampire Mara in the Stars”:


“The Leviathan Cometh”:

More or less same background as above but with beastie!


Aw, I love composition, looks great.