HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


That looks legit horrifying. Nice!


“Altered Through and Alien Sky”

If we were to really dream, lol. When SWL is in 512 bit architecture and we are in Season 10 perhaps? :wink: It has an Orochi sign, so I’m not entirely miss-posting lol. Did this a few months ago, but I was looking back through my “stuff”. Altered Carbon had just been “stacked” :slight_smile:


“Templar Vice: Kaidan”:

Bought the car model as part of a Cyberpunk City package, wanted to try it out.


“Watchful in the Wastelands”:

I did this one a while back, but I’m testing some new actions for Photoshop… various comic and render effect ones. The test strip below has some of the better effects:

I’m thinking of another Graphic Novel, lol. Or I could convert one of the previous ones.


“Andy Shot First”:

Midnight madness again.


“Impact SWL (Gaia is Burning)”:

Title based on an Orbital track. I bought (for a very good price) the Nightmare model, so trying it out in a suitable scene/picture.


Han Benditt or Andy Solo? @andyb


“The Argylelander”:

This will probably be the last for a few, err, days :slight_smile: I heard the Highlander film franchise was being redone, so… this occurred.



The pun. It burns.


Lol, TeaThief :slight_smile:

“Watching From Beyond the Veil”:

When I meant last image, I meant last “funny picture” attempt. Thought I’d run out of steam,… but more “steam” arrived :slight_smile: Long render time (I render big pixel wise) and a bit of post working on this.


“Angel Paladin”:

Messed around with this one for a while, until I just got going with the energy brushes. This is my interpretation of the ultimate ability (that is I could not get the proper look down right :slight_smile: )


“SWL Winging It”:

An older image that was not quite right, the wings in particular… since I learned a bit from “Angel Paladin” I updated this image with the new effect and some modifications.


“The Argyleinator”:



“COMM Fury”:

I was talking in another place on the Forum about the new Kung Fury film… so… :slight_smile: I’ve been searching for something to do that includes Spinosaur.


“In the Palm of Our Hand”:

More Psytrance, another idea :slight_smile: Sorry lummies!


“Venice by Gaslight”:


Another video of images, mostly SWL related.

Music “Hash Driven” by Timo Maas and “Little Light of Love (End Titles Version)” from The Fifth Element Soundtrack :slight_smile:


“Templar Cyborg”:

Templar’s experimenting with the TemplarFast and creation of a Tempar Mitsubashi? Dunno, but I’ve been meaning to give the Cyborg parts a whirl for a while :slight_smile:


“The Weight of the World”:

Image of Gaia incarcerated, sedated and under watch by the Orochi group. Thought piece more or less.


“The Beauty of the World”:

What the Doctors cannot see and do not realize… Gaia… dreams. Solarized the background and flew the space brushes at the picture. A few energy brushes as well. “An’ he done too much” :stuck_out_tongue: